regular readers know by now that keeping our patients’ bowels in working order is an ongoing committment. we do try the natural way of a fibre rich diet, plenty of fluids, moderate exercise and the odd gallon of metamucil but sometimes things get stuck and we have to bring out the old enema bag.


we don’t have just one keeper of the royal rectum, all our nurses are adept at unclogging colons. we also use the latest equipment unlike  Mongols who used a cow’s horn to the wider end of which they attached an animal bladder to hold the nutritious fluid while the narrow end was inserted into the rectum.

we’re not big on fancy solutions like meat enema with pepsin or beef tea and brandy and there’s no way any of our nurses would perform the infamous banana and kotex enema enjoyed by diaper dan and the femmedom gals.

nursemyra has a much better use for bananas. if you’re going to look at just one of the links in this post, I’d advice you to pick this one


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  1. I’m going to stop reading your blog in the morning. All this banana-action makes me want to concentrate on anything besides work.

  2. Ha…great Pic. Cheers!!

  3. bananas are so versatile 😉

  4. There has got to be better ways to get your recommended daily dose of potassium.

  5. better ways than practising blow jobs?

    I never thought I’d hear that coming from you

  6. I’ll have o pass on this….”procedure”…for the time being Nurse Myra. However I’m always up for a banana substitute with the right lady if you’ll pardon my crassness.

  7. Hmmm, I return from the bananaless desert to find this – unfortunately, to break my fruitfast I purchased a mango – – – Perhaps I deserved a paw-paw.

  8. archie! how did you find your way back to a november posting?

    (so glad you’ve returned)

  9. I think I got lost on the intertubey net thingos. I’m out of practice!

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