is your scrotum scraping the sidewalk?

nurses at the gimcrack see a lot of things that you hopefully never will. Mr S has had a little mishap while attempting to mount the exercise bike. I’m not sure exactly what he did but he’s now sporting a couple of bruised and swollen testicles.

gravity affects all parts of the body, and balls are no exception. personally I like the look of a dangling apple bag, though maybe not one that’s attached to an 88 year old (no offense daddyp). still, I don’t like to see any of our patients in unnecessary pain so I’ve been researching genital support garments and discovered the ball bra.


as you can see, this fetching garment allows a man to keep all his jewels in the harness or he can choose to give the sceptre a free reign so to speak. the ballbra people claim their product even enhances orgasm and I’m not in a position to confirm that but I do find it a lot more attractive than the “stretchy seat” offered by munsingwear.


munsingmen would never be seen wearing pert underwear which concerns itself with battling gravity on the other side of the body. personally I hope I never have the misfortune to see one of these on any of our patients. not even penfold could make this work for me.


there’s a women’s version from pert as well though there’s something about the placement of the straps that I find very offputting. here’s another way of using undergarments to lift a sagging derriere.


or you could opt for a brazilian butt lift where microinjections of fat are inserted into your buttocks


hmmmm…… nursemyra appears to have gotten a little off track tonight. ok people, back to testicle support. I have a question to pose to my male readers, though female gimcrackers who have a vested interest in a pair of balls can also chip in.

boxers, briefs or commando?

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  1. Briefs. Except when I am in the desert and it is 55C in the shade with 99% humidity. Then I accept the probability of nasty fungi growing in nooks and crannies. That is when I go commando.

  2. Boxers. Silk ones. Mmmmmm ….

  3. Oh, and I find that female butt-lift undergarment rather … interesting. Or perhaps it’s the shape of the model wearing it.

    Does it lift AND separate?

  4. I prefer to let my proud Lord Palmerston swing freely, so I am able to easily access him should the need arise (and it does arise very often, I must say).

  5. Your posts are always so informative.

  6. Well….

    Tighty-whities… only look cute on the cheeky-monkey of a 5-year-old.

    Boxers…not one sexy thing about them. The equivalent of grannie pants. ick…

    Guess that leaves Commando…. 😉

  7. I wear boxers but only because I am not allowed to go commando. If I did I would be arrested because I never wear pants. Cheers!!

  8. Tight tight white jersey boxers are fantastic…but only on the svelte and muscular type.

  9. mmm mens pants?? definitely depends on who is in it (or not in them if commando)… but I can most certainly say that thongs and munsingwear are big NO NOs! (oh can I add to that washed out grey pants that used to be white)

    p.s. like that girl needs a butt lift????

  10. Boxer briefs. Looks like boxers, supports like briefs.

  11. briefs. BLECH. Commando or boxers.

    the ballbra is….scary.

  12. As a woman you wouldn’t know this , but testicles do not like to be squished in a brief. For short periods of time briefs are fine (sports), but I think the testicles want to be free to roam about. If not, compressed balls can make a man grumpy . There is also the reason that the testicles want to find the correct temperature for making sperm, if its too hot(brief) or to cold I think they send the grumpy signal to the brain.

  13. maybe those with grumpy balls should wear the “sacfree”

  14. I think the jersey boxers look nicest – not sure if they feel good on. Not briefs – ick.

  15. Core-mando!

  16. hello Gaz, welcome to the gimcrack. hope you’ll drop by again 🙂

  17. Mostly boxers, but the time of year for needing a contraption to support a Canadian set of testicles is definitely over… come back in from a walk, or shovelling out the driveway, and it usually takes an hour for them just to drop back where they should be. Winter starts next month and there’s a foot of snow on the ground and it was -15C at lunch. I’m looking forward to the next evolutionary leap so I can have an inny pouch to store them in from November until March… you know, when not in use. Or until someone invents heated underwear… whichever comes first.

  18. dangling apple bag
    Damn, I love your personal interpretation for the “junk”. 😉

  19. I stole it. someone else said it first.

  20. Ballbra, that is something new! I like it. Keep up the great posts!

  21. thanks for dropping by miunski

  22. I’d probaby try anything, except boxers, but definatley not sacfree

  23. hi ron, nice to see a new face around the gimcrack. good luck with your relocation

  24. and then there was the ballbra 🙂 Just checked the site and found a Boxer Ballbra, which actually is something i would wear. great post

  25. hi samuel, I tried to see the Boxer Ballbra but the site is taking too long to load 😦

  26. I go commando. I like to dangle in the breeze

  27. This site is very interesting, given the failure so far of conventional medicine, or chinese ‘alternative medicine’ is it possible we can fins acure for Shark Fin Soup associated illneses like Worm Willie & Bronco Buttocks?
    See here…..

  28. I love the cartoon where the women is getting the injection. Its amazing

  29. I definitely need the extra support. On warmer days especially, it can sometimes be painful walking.

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