defecation of character

like many other bloggers, when I’m a little low on inspiration I look at the isp addresses and search engine terms that brought unwary googlers to the gimcrack. which is how I found

the early symptoms of colorectal cancer is the law and defecation character has changed. After the solution or will it intended imperfections, the feeling sluggish defecation. One has been the law of the stool, changes in bowel habits in the near future, such as diarrhea, constipation, diarrhea or alternating constipation, defecation impeded flu.

gosh I had no idea there were laws about defaming the character of a person’s stools. I hope no litigation happy chinese solicitors have been hanging around the gimcrack listening to the things I say about Harry.

then I got sucked in by “wives of smokers in vivo” and foolishly clicked a further link

The study found the husband of his wife’s smoking room where women above the level of carcinogens in vivo husband in another room smoking women.

I’m not sure just what this study uncovered but we’re pretty vigilant with our “no smoking” rule so hopefully there’ll be no court proceedings on that issue. I really could have stopped reading then but no, I had to see what foods we shouldn’t be serving in our dining room…..

Ate the most fermentation, corruption, metamorphic foods, such as sauerkraut and a great deal of nitrosamines type substances, moldy corn containing aflatoxin, Regular eating a lot of thick smoke because these foods containing chemical carcinogen benzo flowers, etc.; long-term partial eclipse, caused digestive enzyme secretion decline

oh dear, the gimcrack has been saving quite a bit of money by accepting moldy corn from our greengrocer, and benzo flowers too as they only cost half as much as cauliflowers. but further reading on another page revealed….

Philadelphia hospitals also extracted from the sweet potato an active substances — emasculation one that is effective against colon cancer

so if we replace the moldy corn with green corn tips and benzo flowers with sweet potato we can not only reduce cancer in our patients but also stop some of the sexual shenanigans they get up to when the nurses’ backs are turned.

and you can be sure from now on nursemyra will be more vigilant when it comes to that law of the stool…..


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  1. yam aka sweet potato
    “the same process does not occur in the human body”

    Wild yam (Dioscorea villosa) and Mexican yam have been marketed as alternatives to synthetic progesterone (not estrogen), which is a hormone taken by some women during menopause. These yams contain diosgenin, a plant substance that has a chemical structure similar to progesterone. In the laboratory, diosgenin can be converted to progesterone by using specific reagents and enzymes to carry out a series of chemical reactions. This transformation can only be performed in a lab — the same process does not occur in the human body. As a result, it’s actually misleading for a manufacturer to term a wild yam supplement as “natural progesterone” because it is not progesterone, nor does it have any impact on a woman’s hormone levels. Since diosgenin doesn’t have hormonal activity itself, creams containing this substance are not effective.

  2. umm… you do know none of my advice is serious don’t you?


  3. yes just making conversation

  4. I guess there is a law about everything nowadays!! Lets hope there is one about Fig Bitters and the public after effects 🙂

  5. I GUESS this will fix me, she says? What kind of ad says “I guess?” Coca-Cola doesn’t say it “guesses” that it will refresh you. DisneyWorld doesn’t say they “guess” you will have a good time there. That hooker in Vietnam didn’t tell me she “guessed” she would love me long time. Come on California Fig Bitters, stand behind your product.

  6. yes just making conversation

  7. Conversation is nice.
    Do you smell bacon?
    I could smell bacon reading this post. Weird.

  8. can you also hear colours?

    that would be even weirder 🙂

  9. Waitaminute. None of your advice is serious?! But… but… but…

  10. sorry RaJ, hope you didn’t burn anything trying the ear candling technique….

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