“seven little girls sitting in the back seat”

ever since I found this medical appliance while conducting one of my research projects, I’ve had the lyrics to “seven little girls sitting in the back seat” playing repeatedly in my head. not that I’m old enough to recall a song from 1959 – please remember that nursemyra’s job brings her into daily contact with the strangest of people including entertainers like Spud Maloney


Plugs into car lighter!
Hit the road for some real action–hot rod style! Cruise along with one hand on the wheel an the other on the auto suck.

here’s the words to “seven little girls” for those of you who’ve never had the pleasure of hearing Spud sing it. I guess this lonely driver was really pissed off that fred was getting all the action

Keep your mind on your driving,
Keep your hands on the wheel
Keep your snoopy eyes on the road ahead.
We’re having fun, sitting in the backseat,
Huggin and a kissin with Fred.

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  1. Um…that website…features Spartacus of Oregon. Happens to be within walking distance of my office. I can & have spent many an hour perusing the goods in that shop. teehee…

  2. That damn Fred…he gets all the action. I hate Fred. Cheers!!

  3. That song’s about me you know. No, not Fred … the designated driver. Grr.

  4. Just wondering if what his explanation to the police would be when he got pulled……. is listed in the Raod Traffic Act like use of mobile phones??? 🙂

  5. oops ‘is it listed in the Road … etc!!’ sorry I am multitasking

  6. I would think you’d want to be discreet about tossing one off in the car. Driving with your shirt wide open and having creepy shadowy facial hair is not being discreet.

  7. Twin!!!! I’m telling your boss!

  8. her boss already has a charge account there 🙂

  9. What? No hands-free model?

  10. No-one ever heeds the warnings about spunk driving.

  11. very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

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