wanda’s product endorsement

I know, I know…. the gimcrack is all about sex toys lately. I promise I’ll get on to some serious stuff soon but when I saw Wanda’s glowing endorsement of the accommodator*** I had to share it with you.


When he came out of the closet in nothing but chaps and a penis strapped to his chin, I almost came. Tied to the bed, him ramming me, thrusting hard over and over…until I came. He unstrapped his chin, leaving the Accomodator inside me. The night of fun had just begun.

sorry, Wanda, if a man jumped out of my closet wearing chaps and a penis strapped to his chin….. well, words fail me….. though I do know of another nurse who’d probably jump at the chance of testing out the accommodator to see if your claims are true.


*** my friends at Extreme Restraints have a different picture of the accommodator

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  1. Amongst all my imagined fantisies – this one ranks – umm – well – honsetly, it has never ever figured in the top 15,000!

    No, I am not going to list the other 14,999.

  2. how about just ten then?

  3. I would have to leave out the one involving white mice, a set of bagpipes and a front-loading washing machine!

  4. The image of a man wearing chaps with a penis strapped to his chin seems somewhat incomplete to me.
    He needs a bright red clown nose and antlers to complete the package.
    This reminds me of the Far Side cartoon titled “Ways nature says ‘Do Not Touch’ . . . ”

  5. .. and then, quite suddenly, a scene from the old ‘Pinky and the Brain’ cartoon comes to mind:

    “Well, I think so, Brain, but where do we find chaps and a rubber penis chin-strap at this time of night?”

  6. Shit, I have penis-like chin…

  7. who would get a picture taken with that thing on?LOL

  8. I’d like to think that the model sporting the Accommodator in that picture uses that in her portfolio of work. And that there’s an advertisement person somewhere going through a stack of photos for prospective models and saying “Get me the Accomodator girl! She was excellent in that ad.”

  9. ah renal, once again you crack me up…

  10. “When he came out of the closet in nothing but chaps and a penis strapped to his chin, I almost came.”

    Did he come out of the closet, ‘come out of the closet’ or ‘come’ out of the closet?

    Either way, that is a terrifying image.

  11. I really hope you change your topics soon NurseMyra!!

    You’re encouraging some risky behaviour here, could you imagine the possible damage a man could suffer to his head if his penis were on his chin? Severe concussions, broken nose, strained ears also come to mind.

    The Accommodator should be sold with a helmet and face shield at the very least……

    Our wonderful Creator placed the Penis in it’s present location for another reason too my dear…… so that men wouldn’t suffocate!

  12. hi gary! you’re cedarwalls blog aren’t you? I’d like to leave a message but you need to enable “other” in your comments section

    how’s the beautiful boy going?

  13. Gives the phrase “dick head” a whole new twist.

  14. He is doing very well NurseMyra, walking on his own all the time now and doing his rehab with good spirits. We have another surgery ahead of us I hope to find out very soon when that will be.

    I’ll check into the comments issue, even Daddy P left a message, if he can I can’t imagine why the cyber-gods wouldn’t let you……;-)

  15. ok I see what the problem (for me) was now. blogger have changed their format and if a reader is not with them they can sign in using a Nickname. it used to be you had to sign in as “other”

    and you’re right. if daddyp can do it anyone can 🙂

  16. I love the women with the injection needle. Truly fantastic

  17. I truly feel sorry for those poor chaps’ wife’s.
    They would love Y’all if you brought this little toy with U in bed..
    Tried it with 2 girlfriends as of now, both have had the most intense orgasme with my tongue stuck like glue to their clit and this up their vagina.
    Sorry 4 the spelling and gramma,, I’m a flying Scandinavien..

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