obscured friday

it’s the last of the month so this is t-shirt friday as opposed to corset friday


unfortunately, as I’ve mentioned many times, I am hopeless with a camera and didn’t realise until I uploaded the photos that my hair was obscuring the word “Voice”


anyway, that was the top half. here’s the bottom half


Archie, the gloves are for you and Buff. hope you had a wonderful anniversary

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  1. Aww, thank you 🙂

  2. pretty cool shirt 😀

  3. I click the top half … I click the bottom half … I click the top half … i click the bottom half …

  4. Ahhhh, you started my Friday morning off with a smile. As well as a bit of drool. Cheers!!

  5. just dropped by to say hello you beautiful nurse!
    your t-shirt is a nice match for your last posts

  6. From the Bearer of Bad News Dept: Not only is your hand obscuring the word ‘Voice’ in the top photo, but your other hand is getting in the way in the bottom photo.

    Just in case you didn’t see that.

    Me being there for you.


    Oh … on that bottom photo … WOW!!!

  7. oh my oh my my poor virgin eyes!

    just kidding I’ve cum to look forward to fridays very much.

  8. Actually the t-shirt just reading “Activated Sex Toy” works even better.

  9. *oops* someone has pointed out to me offline that there is something strange in the bottom photo.

    apparently if you enlarge the pic to full screen size (I didn’t even know readers could do that)there is some errant flesh showing between fingers.

    no, nursemyra is not a transsexual and it is NOT a testicle nor is it my labia

    it’s an effect caused by leaning back against the wall while wearing tight stockings which has caused the cheek of my bottom to push forward.

    I suppose I could redo the photo but that would entail getting out of my comfy jammies and going through the rigmarole of shooting, uploading etc.

    and the friday pics are not supposed to be professional glamour shots anyway. I’m an amateur with a camera and have never pretended otherwise

    please comment on the above if you think I should replace the picture (or if you thought I was a trannie or a possessor of extremely large labia…. so far it’s only been one person who’s mentioned it)

  10. I have dutifully posted my last Friday of the month photee…. nothing as ever compares to yours 🙂

  11. I notice the shorts are rather… short 70s. And the t-shirt is white. I’m sure there are some readers here who will undoubtedly be able to um.. work with that.

    But myra… holy frac. MUST you have such perfect thighs? You bitch. 😉

  12. Nice socks, nursemyra. I bought some tonight, too. But mine are knee-highs. Ever the practical one, me. And I was trying to comment on bobbarama’s site tonight, but never could. Looks like he’s been here…Sheesh.

  13. I didn’t realize you could enlarge the photos to full size. Oh, great. Now I’ll have to backtrack to every Friday post. I’ll be in here all day!!


    Someone has an overactive imagination. That photo is fantastic. I vote it stays.

  14. Both photos are wonderful but the 2nd is positively delicious.

  15. […] there you have it. Fracas is not sure if it’s what you were hoping for, but she thinks she’s seen better among the very fraccy friends listed on the fraccy […]

  16. My girls and I salute you nursemyra!

  17. hey thanks guys and gals

    I feel a lot better about my butt flash now 🙂

  18. Corset Friday?
    God, what the hell have I been missing?

  19. you look familiar…

  20. is it the gloves?

  21. no, it’s definitely not the gloves.

  22. take your hand away

  23. You are the reason that God invented cameras, my dear Nurse.


  24. hey lord likely, when are you going to come have some adventures in the land down under?

    plenty of maidens here just waiting to be ravished…..

  25. Dear nurse,

    What are your thoughts on the contemporary trend of labia enhancements?


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