revealing the scar on friday


I was feeling a little spanish this morning as my good friend Angus was meeting my blogfriend Azahar for tapas in sevilla so I’m wearing my ole skirt to commemorate the occasion. wish I were there too

the fringing on the skirt does cover everything when I’m at work, but I hiked it up a little for the photos to reveal a long thin scar on my hip of which I am  very fond.

 I’d love to say I got it fighting off a shark but that wouldn’t be true…


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  1. This blog is getting to be a damn good reason to get out of bed in the morning! 😉

    And, that IS some scar! You’ll have to tell us the real story behind that one …

  2. Why do I suddenly feel like running with the bulls but riding one as well? Cheers!!

  3. Wow, once again you’ve left me speechless. I think I have to go take care of something now 🙂

  4. ¡Hola y olé, chica mia! Little hot number that you are all in red and black and lacy/fringyness … it wasn’t a scar from the bull run in Pamplona, was it? Or even a local Sydney version …? 😉

  5. It is days like these that I thank the Lord that I am a man.

  6. Nursemyra es muy caliente.

    Four and a half years of Spanish in school well spent…

  7. you haven’t had a # NOF, have you, nursemyra?

  8. azahar: oooh I’m not brave enough for that

    trixiebelden: good guess but not right. closer than a bull run though

  9. That’s right N.M.
    Make’m howl

  10. These pictures have me feeling better already.

  11. Looks rather like a ladder in one’s stocking 🙂

  12. maybe I should put some nail polish on it 🙂

  13. It has taken me a while to take all this in and to gather my thoughts for some sort of intelligent comment.


    Yeah, exactly … why mince words.


  14. some men don’t need words 🙂

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