getting the cane part deux

we use a lot of walking aids at the gimcrack. many of our patients amble around with a rollator frame and there are some days when I wouldn’t mind using one of the groovier models myself. they come with built in shopping baskets and seats with padded back support though I’d prefer to have mine decorated with skulls or naked excited men rather than plain old metallic maroon which seems to be all the rage with the over 80s set.

those who haven’t yet progressed to needing a walking frame or rollator often use a cane. nursemyra likes to play around with the cane too. it’s a pity they don’t still manufacture these 1940 “maps in a cane”. they’d be a good accessory for our wanderers.


though the canes that I really covet are featured below. are you still wondering what to get nursemyra for christmas? here’s a couple of ideas


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  1. You’d have to take care with option 2. You could put an eye out with that one.

  2. a stick? probably, if i am too sick, i will need one too! 🙂 *minimum twirl*

  3. I must remember for next year … it would be a rather strange shaped parcel & I wonder what I would describe it as on the Customs label???????

  4. Little doubt that if you had one of those fancy walking-knobs you would be a lady who takes what comes on the one hand, with a firm grip on what’s a-head with the other!

    Who needs naked excited men? (Wait, what am I saying?)

  5. I think I dated the second one. And I dropped him, for obvious reasons.

  6. You can walk with that second cane, you just have to keep rubbing it every twenty minutes or so.

  7. Remember I told you about those guys who used to watch me do removals so they could watch my skirt slide around?

    Once this Old Guy says to me, ” You make that dress look like wonderful.”

    I think he and his friend would go for the standard Cane N.M- if you’re subtle you can get a lot closer then if you’re not 🙂

  8. LOL! Who on earth comes up with the idea to make this stuff?

  9. I’m not sure ricardo but I’d be interested in meeting them

  10. Here’s another gift idea:

    She sure looks happy doesn’t she?

    And since we here are being inundated with the music of the season, I think it’s time for a new Christmas carol:

    I have always suspected that Tom Waits was writing the soundtrack to my life.

  11. I love Tom Waits

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