double life

I’m not the only blogger who leads a double life. by day I’m a dedicated health employee, by night I’m nursemyra. blogging helps me shake off the professional personna and get into the rubber slip back into myself. working with crazy people all day takes its toll, but I’ve developed a few strategies to help me cope.

some of these strategies involve costumes and nursemyra has plenty of these. but as a dedicated nurse can never have too many costumes I’m always on the lookout for more corsets, boots and accessories.


this ad has given me a few ideas so I’m now looking for collars and cuffs. rest assured, no animals will be harmed in the expansion of  my collection, nursemyra would never wear ermine, mink or muskrat. through trawling the net I’ve been reminded I already have thigh high boots and a pleated skirt like this morey model*** 

***(definitely NSFW – this links directly to a porn site, so maybe my female readers might like to give this link a miss)


and I’ve even got the same Red Corvette streaks in my hair. now I’m wondering if someone’s been raiding my wardrobe for inspiration…..

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  1. Ahhh, I must admit, I prefer my pornography in the flesh – – –

  2. OOps, Happy Christmas, nursemyra

  3. same to you archie x

  4. Good luck in your accessories hunt and merry Christmas nursemyra!

  5. Very sexy photo’s thank you.
    second photo

  6. It must be nearly Christmas Day in your neck of the woods. Have a lovely day and don’t eat too many mince pies!!!!


  7. I don’t think I’ve seen a lady’s collar and cuffs since I was a very little boy – and they were out of style by that point, too. I don’t think anyone makes them anymore, I’d be very surprised …

  8. Oh, and what’s wrong with me … Merry Christmas to you darlin!

  9. If you’re leading a double life, how many lives am I leading?

    Have a thigh-high merry christmas this year!

  10. Merry Christmas to my favourite nurse!

    (That’d be you, by the way, Nurse Myra).

  11. I hope Santa brings you something nice. Or naughty. Whichever you prefer!

  12. Merry Christmas my friend 🙂 ….. May Santa bring you some accessories that are perfect for all occasions which help you lead a more pleasant life 😉

  13. Merry Christmas Naughty…er…NurseMyra.

  14. Hmmm.
    I think it’s time for a makeover.
    Thank you N.M.
    And many many thanks for the great blog- it’s fun and the pictures are great but I happen to think it’s great writing.

    Happy Christmas
    Anita Marie

  15. clearly you’re a trend setter nurse myra. I find thigh high boots and colorful streaks in the hair very sexy on women. keep leading this doubule life.

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