beauty demands sacrifices

This apparatus is for developing a nice and elastic breast in a simple and natural way to keep this delicate part of the body young and beautiful. It is not electric and its running is based on delicate and filiform water jets which accomplish a massage to your breast by their rotating motion.

 Beauty demands sacrifices!*

“This really helps and I can be a beautiful mother and confident Project ManagerSusan, USA

“In fact my breast is not ultra-flat, but as a woman, I wanted to have a fuller and firmer breast to be a confident and beautiful wife“. Gwendelyn, Korea

My wife is a young and pretty bank manager. After much comparison, I decided to let my wife to try Bosom Plus products. I bought Bosom Plus Package for my wife’s birthday present and I told her “if the result is good, I will continue to buy for her”. 2 months later, her breast really increased and she is prettier now. she is more charming too. Dickson, USA

“People look at me differently and I can tell its in a good way rather than laughing at my droopy breast. I really very appreciate to you for launching a amazing product which lift up my droopy breast.” Olivia, Singapore.


image sourced here

* the text below beauty demands sacrifices is from a site selling bosomplus not the breast jet apparatus

** I want what Mary’s been using

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  1. Holy Mammaries….That’s one hot virgin!! Cheers…

  2. Oh. My. God. Those bosomplus testimonials are deeply, deeply disturbing. I can only imagine what kind of husband would give his wife such a thing for her birthday.

  3. I don’t know how much faith I’d put into those customer accounts as some of them seem to have been written while under the influence of drugs. I saw something on TV that says the reason there is an increase in size with these things is because of bruising. Lovely!

  4. I’m one of those fortunate babes that has been blessed with fabulous milkers.

  5. I just like saying “elastic breasts” over and over.

  6. That is truly an Immaculate Order of Hot Wings. And I’m under the Assumption that I’ll need some blue cheese dressing and celery with them as well.

  7. Pah, all I need is an anti-gravity simulator.

  8. upset waitress: did you get a flurry of male readers after you posted that comment?

  9. Nah Myra, it’s impossible for them to read while they’re staring at my tits. 🙂

  10. ….or type apparently. I get more hits and less comments on corset friday than any other postings….

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