blondie? t shirt friday

surftwin reminded me that this is the last friday of the month, so it’s t shirt friday, not corset friday. had to do a quick outfit change….


I think this is a screen print of blondie but not everyone agrees. here’s another pic without the distracting nipple jewellery. take a closer look and let me know


last time we hosted t-shirt friday, 70s and daddyp joined in the fun. if anyone else wants to be part of it let me know via the comments and I’ll add a link to your blog

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  1. Woohoo!…I finally remembered! (thanks for the link) 😉

    Debra Harry always had an edge about her…blonde seems too cotton candy. My guess…..Madonna. Cool T…either way.

  2. Spookily – I did mine yesterday. It’s all to do with the space/time continuum anomaly that I keep down my pants.

  3. the first photo is the better of the two. those cheekbones.

  4. ok it is done ……. I am running out of past photos may have to bite the bullet in a month or two get the tripod out lol.
    NM you are gorgeous as usual 🙂

  5. Many descriptives come to mind … yes, “distracting” was one of them. Afraid I wouldn’t do t-shirt Friday the justice you do, however. And although Madonna would be a good fit, I have to go with Ms. Harry on that, too.

  6. Thanks for linking me to 70’s BTW – us Brits like to stick together.

  7. I don’t think it’s Debbie, but yes, cool T.

  8. I think I need to buy a camera. Or I could just get pictures of other people wearing t-shirts and say it’s me, being the wild fabricator and outright liar I am.

  9. I am still too busy admiring the nipple jewellery.

  10. Is that Madonna candy stripping on your shirt?

  11. Nipple jewelry?

    I thought they were miniature eyes from the other side, really.


  12. It does resemble her a bit. If not her then it was inspired by her.

    More Nurse Myra!!! More!!! More!!!

    (foaming at the mouth)

  13. blowin’ bubbles ‘n jewelry . . .
    Very noice.

  14. thanks ~m

    but do you think she looks like blondie?

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