vis a tergo

nursemyra loves the smell of sperm in the morning. well I did when stephen was alive. it’s been a sad few months now since I’ve savoured that particular fesh salty aroma. but it seems that not everyone relishes the various smells that emanate from the human body

The danger of auto-infection owing to insufficient vis-a-tergo applies least to the sperm secretion, because the urethra is thoroughly cleaned several times daily through urine excretion? This does not mean to imply that a correct and regular exercise of the function such as is proper to married people is not also a hygienic desideratum in this respect. One should remember the remark made above that the contents of the seminal vesicles are always odorless, but acquire an unpleasant smell when passing the prostate gland.


All that has been said applies to the whole skin surface, but most particularly to the lower part of our body, where the large excretory organs have their orifices. Here are found the most pungent odours; in our own male and female genital organs. They are found especially where small wrinkles most easily produce a stagnation of secretions, i.e., in the vulva, the prostate and, last though not least, in the preputial cavity.


It may easily happen that one may be exposed to the danger of infection. We live in a society where danger of infection threatens us from all sides: in hotels, in strange beds, strange w.c.’s. It is not even necessary to leave one’s family for that. How many are infected by servant girls, parents by children, etc.


One does not find venereal disease only among prostitutes and drunkards, where it is always present. We physicians often see behind the scenes how frequently venereal disease is brought into the marriage as a dot or is later on brought in by husband or wife. The evil has so often scaled the walls of the old fortress, marriage, where one thought oneself safe. However injurious alcohol may be, when taken internally, it is of the greatest value from the hygienic point of view.


well, I’m not sure about the rest of this good doctor’s advice, but nursemyra does agree with his recommendation to consume whisky. I’d suggest an oral route as the most enjoyable. remember, the nurse always knows what’s best for her reading public. 

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  1. I have in my possession a mysterious powder that a woman told me tasted of ‘jizz’. I’ll try and find out where you can buy it.

  2. Well done – you survived the last post!!

    ‘disease is brought into the marriage as a dot’ Luckily I’ve never known a Dot, so I think I’m safe and thank you for the advice about whisky – as soon as the sun is over somebodies arm that is three foot long, I’ll pour myself a totty – whoops, I mean tot.

  3. Re: internal bathing. Apparently it’s non-habit forming. Hard to believe, that.

  4. i also adore the smell of sex – being awakened in the morning to that one-of-a-kind orgy scent – and knowing that it was just the two (or three) of you that made it happen (sigh)

    “genital canal”? “copulatory organs”? all this sexy talk is getting me worked up…

    [Zzzzap!] Ow… alright already! enough with the lightning bolts!

  5. I simply appreciate having my excretory organ proclaimed “large.” Of course, some dolt will start thinking about my butt and jinx the whole thing.

  6. Cheers Nurse Myra. Whisky always hits the spot. And the smell of sex is never a bad thing provided it’s free of social disease

  7. Ah, there is nothing better than a stiff shot of Lagavulin after sniffing and licking my partner’s (large excratory) orifices… and that if offers the largest value from the hygenic point of view! Effin Fantastic! NM, you are an invaluable source of knowledge and assurance!

  8. Never bathed internally, though I have gone for a dive or two.

    You do indeed know what’s best for us, and I feel safe in your hands.

    As long as you wash them…

  9. I need to get me one of them servant girls. Wouldn’t mind scaling the walls of that old fortress.

  10. can you get ‘Hygenic Vodka’? … I think I’ll stick to the real stuff…… ‘cheers’ (mmmm? does that make it un-hygenic then???)

  11. just strain it through penfold’s underpants. that’d make it hygenic enough for me

  12. lol 🙂

  13. Imagine if someone had a penis so tiny, they could shove it up a nostril.

    Nose sex would be amazing, I think.

  14. ‘Nasal Sex’.

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