stitched up

our nurses don’t usually stitch wounds but we do however take stitches out. some doctors are better at suturing than others and we can recognise the handiwork of one butcher doctor over another quite easily. Dr. Dolittle does very average work whereas Dr. Goldenrod is an artist. though not the same kind of artist as this


please visit this site. the work is exquisite

suturing has an interesting history. Sushruta, one of the earliest surgeons of the recorded history (600 B.C.) is believed to be the first individual to describe plastic surgery. One of the great highlight of Sushruta’s surgery was the operation of Rhinoplasty. Speculations have been raised as how, in the absence of anesthetics, the Indian surgeon carried out such major operations. Sushruta writes that “wine should be used before operation to produce insensibility to pain.”

Sushruta’s general advice to surgeons was: ‘‘A physician who has set out on this path should have witnessed operations. He must be licensed by the king. He should be clean and keep his nails and hair short. He should be cheerful, well-spoken and honest’‘.

he is also remembered for his description of a method of stitching the intestines by using ant-heads as stitching material. “Large black ants should be applied to the perforated intestines and their bodies should be separated from their heads after they had firmly bitten the perforated parts with their claws jaws”

and what would a nursemyra tutorial be without something to make the boys wince. here’s a picture of an ancient egyptian circumcision. can’t see any evidence of ants but let’s hope the wine was flowly freely


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  1. I’ve heard of that ant thing before!!!! ……. how clever am I!!! …….


  2. very clever daddyp 🙂

  3. I keep telling people wine is wonderful …. so now that is another reason added to my list.
    But I am still wondering whether it is in fact the surgeons that drink it so they will insensible to the cries of pain 🙂

  4. *wince* I have to stop coming here before breakfast. Or, happy hour. *off to the bar for pain relief*

  5. They look as if they’re trying to enlarge the dicks rather than snip them. How often do we get a Nursie-booby photo?

  6. Ant-sutures?!?! i’m with DaddyP on this one – i have to wonder how this was discovered? was Sushruta an experimentalist? did he try a variety of insects before deciding ants were best? what about lobsters? do the claws stay clamped when the rest of the lobster is chopped away?

  7. ouch

  8. I just wanted to let you know that I found and published your comment on my blog today, along with my reply. Thanks for visiting, dear nursemyra. I’m delighted and honored by the sentiment you expressed. You probably already know that I’ve been a daily visitor to your site for some little time. Your keen insights and mordant humor, always tempered by a deep sympathy for your subjects, enriches my life.
    Thank you!

  9. gorilla bananas: try typing “friday” into my search engine.

    daisyfae: would you really want the odour of seafood to accompany your stitches?

    Mike: you’re back! fantastic.

    Mark: I’m so glad you decided to stop loitering on the sidewalk. come on in and meet the folks…..

  10. They still use stitches? Dam, last time I had surgery they just used a big staple gun to seal the hole. I would much rather have a stitch pattern though.

  11. I have some idea of what those hieroglyphs coming out of the mouth mean – – –

  12. what is this place? It’s like i’ve stumbled into a secret lady world……it’s wonderful…..strange but lovely….

  13. welcome manuel. yes there’s a lot more to the gimcrack than just corset friday.

    you do need a strong stomach though. are you up for the challenge?

  14. I hope this doesn’t start Circumcision Saturday. You might scare off the newcomers.

  15. There is no way any ants are going near my hoo hoo…

  16. strap me in……..

  17. I notice that Sushruta doesn’t seem to mention who should use the wine.

  18. yes, 70s teen pointed that out too. I recommend wine for everybody

  19. Back in the day ( when I was a mortician ) I was proud of my stitches- it’s a pride thing.

    But I think I was good at them because I used to sew my own clothes and I did needlework

    I was crafty.


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  21. thanks for dropping by Mint, I had a look at your site too 🙂

  22. That looked alarmingly like a circumcision production line. Ouch!

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