colour me credulous

nursemyra has been researching another of the “ologies”. this fascinating site has a lot to say about iridology.

Observe closely first class companies of jugglers, circus performers, strong men, prize-fighters, animal trainers, singers and actors, and note how many brown eyed people you find among them. You will be astonished at the small percentage.


   Visit an old people’s home and count the brown eyed above 60 years of age; you will not find twenty-five in a hundred.


   The following clipping from “Physical Culture” in an article concerning baseball is of especial interest in this connection:

   “The reason why the Jew is not more prominent in the greatest of American sports–baseball–is due partly to a physical peculiarity of his race. The first requisite of a good baseball player is that he shall be a strong batsman. One of the methods employed by a manager in selecting his players is an examination of the eyes, for it is a singular fact, though little known, that the best batsmen are men with light-colored eyes. For some reason the dark eyed man has never been able to get his eye on the ball well enough to become a great and consistent batsman. As Jews, with comparatively few exceptions, are dark eyed, they cannot qualify in this important particular. The dark eyed man must have some remarkable special ability outside of batting to recommend him to the consideration of the baseball manager.”


mark chamberlain artwork found here

as a green eyed wench who like to keep her eyes on the balls, I still don’t think I’ll try out for the circus. I’m not very good at juggling but I can guage size without the aid of an orchidometer.  the papersurfer family are welcome to drop by the gimcrack for an evaluation sometime


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  1. Nurses with invitations and Nuns with attitude!! ….. fantastic. Ooooooo ….. and necklaces for gay super heroes AND a circus for the kids …… where else could you find such a cornucopia of delights???

  2. ummm…. don’t be taking the kiddlies to that circus daddyp

  3. I find this theory difficult to take seriously, Nursie. You’re an Aussie so you know something about cricket. You must have heard of Lara, Tendulkar and the rest of them.

  4. hey don’t shoot the messenger, it certainly ain’t my theory 🙂

  5. my dear nursemyra,

    indeed, i will no longer remain a sidewalk-loiterer. in the now-immortalized words of the notorious bodybuilder, cum-hollywood beefcake, cum-stogie chompin’ governator of my state, “I’ll be back!”

    and thanks for the link to the wonderful blogifications of penfold!


  6. My eyes are a blue and I can juggle balls ever so well … it must be true 😉

  7. I’m green-eyed (well, hazel, mostly green) and am very happy to hear that I will live beyond 60.

  8. Tiggz may be the exception that proves the rule – he was/is an exceptional juggler – much better than my grey eyed efforts. I shall swing by for that evaluation – always good to have a periodic inspection of ones malabarismic orbs… x

  9. Holy Topless Vigilante, Batman!

  10. “malabarismic orbs”. that’s it. found the name for my new band. either that or “nuns with attitude”. Always looking forward to the teachings of nursemyra…

  11. I unfortunately never got close enough to see the whites of their eyes, but I bet there aren’t many blue-eyed performers among the Chinese circus performers we saw in Shanghai and Hong Kong. Wherever did they arrive at this conclusion?

  12. I expect the real reason Jews are not more prominent in sports is because traditionally, Jews are raised with an emphasis on learning and not so much more mundane and less cerebral pursuits like sports.

    And by that, I do not mean to indict those who pursue sports as a career as less intelligent.

    The act, not the participant, is the one to which I refer.

    Of course, there have been the odd Jewish greats like Sandy Koufax.

  13. Wherever did they arrive at this conclusion?

    Gosh, perhaps from being racist bigots? Just a notion…

    It’s really interesting to read here about how people used to think about these things, and of course we all hope that is how they used to think

  14. Look into my grey eyes and fear my awesome hand-eye coordination! You think I should mention that on my online dating profile?

  15. absolutely!

    and send me the link 🙂

  16. What kinda prayer beads are those Nurse? Why are they all different sizes too? Must be polytheism at work…….

  17. Holy crap!! They’re numbered as well, hmmmmmmm, which is the more important number 1 or 25?

  18. It must be true. My dark-eyed ex was more adept at keeping her hands on my wallet.

  19. Blue eyes and I’m as unco as a… blind nun. Man thats the worst analogy ever isnt it.

  20. I guess this is why we Latin men are so prominently featured on all of todays baseball teams. It’s our “light eyes.” LOL! As for Jewish ball players, the writer never saw the likes of Hank Greenberg who is in the hall of fame.

  21. I have a weakness for jewish men but it’s not usually reciprocated. I’m too much of a shiksa.

  22. You’re my kind of shiksa nursemyra. All your advances will be graciously reciprocated 😉

  23. which direction is america? I think I just advanced a few steps…..

  24. I’m here with open arms. 🙂

  25. […] It’s been a while since we’ve done a post on iridology […]

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