fishing on friday


Published in: on January 18, 2008 at 7:47 am  Comments (31)  

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  1. what is it with fish today…go and check DP’s I think he will be in trouble today!
    Nice pair btw 😉

  2. Well caught.

  3. It’s the only way I know what day it is.

  4. A lovely catch! (Be still, my heart…)

  5. Keep casting that net far and wide, good nurse. 😉

  6. delicious! so… what are you doing saturday night? i need a date for a party!

  7. even if I boarded a plane right now I wouldn’t get there in time 😦

    and as you well know, the two of us together would be waaaay too much excitement for the other partygoers.

  8. Do I detect a piercing? 😉

  9. WOW. I really like that red wall behind you. 😛

  10. there’s a red wall in that picture? whatever, anyway, thanks for making fridays even more fun…and uw, you know, you might want to post some more pics just to keep up with nursemyra, not that it’s a competition…

  11. [swoon]

  12. As always simply wonderful

  13. Somewhat off-topic, but nevertheless relevant is this:

    Thus, the male of the species lurches ever closer to obsolescence (at least as pleasure drones)…

  14. I like the waist best.

  15. Yeah, me too … wish I had one. 😦

  16. Azahar me too … I do have one but it looks nothing like Nursie’s 🙂

  17. I’m going to address something that no one else has mentioned. That there is a sexy elbow.

  18. ah renalfailure you are my hero. my elbows are all yours x

  19. I would gladly dip my sizable rod in the waters if there was an iota of a chance of catching something so delectable.

    Then, I would fry you in batter and serve you up with some chips.

    Um…I fear my analogy has gone awry at this point.

    In conclusion: PHWOAR.

  20. Anything I could say would detract. I do look forward to Fridays!

  21. Teach a man to fish and he’ll eat pussy for the rest of his life.

    That was one fucked up quote right there but I just can’t seem to concentrate right now…

  22. My Gawd Nursie! You have a fish hook stuck in you!!!

  23. Well, you got everyone’s attention…

  24. It doesnt get much better on a wet saturday afternoon… I think that sounds dirtier than I intended it to be.

  25. Something tells me they won’t be throwing this one back.

  26. Lord have mercy.
    btw-I’m sick.
    I need a nurse. Quick.

  27. I’ll be right over

  28. This is by far one of the best ones yet NurseMyra. I’m salivating and this will go up as my desktop wallpaper. Iwill look to it for inspiration. You are my muse.

  29. hey ricardo – how come your link back is a dead one? what’s happened to your blog?

  30. not sure why. this is troubling. i’m still here.

  31. Awesome pic!

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