aristotle advises

nursemyra is often asked by her female patients what attributes they should look for in a man. I usually direct them to this previous lecture but Aristotle has something to add


(do you see three flexible ladies or an old man with thin nostrils?)

When the nostrils are close and thin, they denote a man to have but little testicles, and to be very desirous of the enjoyment of women, but modest in his conversation. But he whose nostrils are great and wide, is usually well hung and lustful; but withal of an envious, bold and treacherous disposition and though dull of understanding, yet confident enough.


(just kidding)

A plump face, full of carbuncles, shows a man to be a great drinker of wine, vain, daring, and soon intoxicated.


A thigh, full of strong, bristly hair, and the hair inclined to curl, signifies one lustful, licentious, and fit for copulation. Thighs with but little hair, and those soft and slender, show the person to be reasonably chaste, and one that has no great desire to coition

He whose legs do much abound with hair, shows he has great store in another place, and that he is lustful and luxurious, strong, but unstable in his resolution, and abounding with ill humours.


nursemyra’s advice for the girls: go for the man with hairy thighs. he might not be good humoured but he’ll be fit for copulation…..

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  1. So us chicken legs don’t stand a chance? Oh well

  2. I’ll have the hairy thigh man please but have him waxed first…. that would improve his humour (not) 🙂

  3. Do i sense the makings of a ‘photo contest’? Gents, care to bare your thighs? Considering that the lovely nursemyra has been so selfless in sharing her “corset friday” photos, i think it fair… (and Mr. Pickles the Wonder Dog is scared – i showed him the book…)

  4. WHERE do you find some of these pictures??? I love “Goodbye Testicles.”

  5. One reason vibrators are so popular, I suppose, is that they eliminate all the guesswork.

    “Goodbye Testicles” is a HOOT! Something deeply disturbing about that ejaculating penis, though…

  6. What does it mean if you see three ladies and a man with thin nostrils at the same time?

  7. We all have our crosses to bear…

  8. According to that Goodbye Testicles cover, Jack and Jill went up a hill to dump that poor dog’s balls in a well.

  9. renalfailure, you made me laugh out loud.

  10. Smart is Sexy.
    I believe it and I’m sticking to that.

  11. I personally don’t care for a wheel barrel full of balls. I’ll take number one. He doesn’t ever have to say a word.

  12. number one? you mean the old man who already comes with three women?

  13. I love these kind of composites, like this one and this one:


  14. I’d never seen that Dali image before. you always know the coolest things 🙂

  15. Why thank you, I only found the image the day before yesterday by way of Ombres Blanches.

  16. Goodbye Testicles?
    I used to sing that at Happy Hour!

  17. I’m not sure I want women looking at my hairy thighs for a clue to my package and its abilities…

  18. you’ve got hairy thighs? how busy are you right now?

  19. Not really a hairy guy but I have a fair amount on the thighs. I should use this to my advantage I suppose.

  20. ‘you’ve got hairy thighs? how busy are you right now?’

    Surprisingly or not, me and my hairy legs are quite free.

  21. Talking of testicles – did you hear about the woman that bit of this bloke’s goolie? Ouch – there’s a name for that reflex – where your balls get sucked up from whence they came – and I just got it from reading the report.(NM might know the technical term?)

    Another testicle fact – if you surf for long enough in really cold water – your balls can retract. Do you need to know more???

  22. *ouch* that story……

    I can’t believe the woman in that picture was 29?!?!

  23. In this logic, a black man would be better suited than a northern european man. European culture is the result of thousands of years of survival in harsh climate, and while generally less focused around mating, builds more upon the concept of family. That said, if you want to break it down to genetics, while a curly haired man with wide nostrils may be great once in the bed, the thin nostril man will stick around.

    Obviously matters like that are not so simple, and in these days there is no way to judge a man by a few features. I have european traits (thin nostrils and such) and I am ‘well hung’, and while I may not be flat out lustful, I am quite loyal and generally value romance more than most people.

    It sounds like there is more context to this passage, as I highly doubt Aristotle was suggesting to go after a brutish figure for reproduction.

  24. Yes, it’s out of context but that’s the only way to make it funny 😉

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