dear nursemyra


nursemyra has never thought of this blog as being particularly subtle which is why, until now, there has been no disclaimer telling irony deficient readers with genuine problems to seek medical advice from a doctor.


but for the third time this week I’ve received mail from hebetudes members of the afflicted public who are desperate to be cured of their various ailments. for once and for all people, I am not advocating the use of this instrument nor do I know anything about reducing scars after branding. but for the gentlemen who thinks

” chicks don’t dig me because im going bald. how would u like to be bald i bet u wouldnt like it at all but i think u know how to cure it”

I do have a bank guaranteed piece of advice gleaned from this most reputable of  sources, Pearson’s Magazine


let me know how it pans out for you mr egghead*

*I’m not being mean, that is the way he signed the email

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  1. I just keep thinking ‘dickhead’ – I don’t know why.

  2. “irony deficient”

    Ha! 🙂

  3. Who says chicks don’t dig guys who are bald?

    Um.. Picard kicks Kirk’s ass. Picard is bald. I could go on, but why? I’d only embarass myself.


  4. I ADORE men with shaved heads……

  5. There is balding & balding?? If you choose the comb-over Bobby Charlton approach to loosing you locks then Mr Egg-Head you will not be dug by us chics….. if, however, you close crop and smile about it then Wow!!!

  6. You know, you can put that warning label in a text widget in your sidebar, just so newcomers can be forewarned. I had plans to do the same, but my blog is much too tame to even warrant one.

  7. thanks Ian, you always have good advice. but the evilnurse in me gets too much pleasure from luring the unwary into my trap 🙂

  8. Such a tender trap it is, dear nm.

  9. By the way, the guy in the Pearson’s Magazine ad is best representation of a dickhead I’ve ever seen.

  10. I ADORE women who ADORE men with shaved heads…

  11. after seeing one bald gentleman with what could be called a smokin hottie on his arm…I have little sympathy and I am now sitting here staring at an set of electric clippers wondering….:):):)

  12. Oh Frac, you nailed it — Picard Picard Picard all the way …

  13. WTF – what about all us hirsute buggers! Do you know how much time it takes to shave? And that’s just my back!

  14. Picard is right. Remember the episode where even the Klingon babes tried to seduce him? They way I see it, all humans are basically bald, so there’s no point getting attached to the few remaining tufts. How’s YOUR garden, Nursie?

  15. Sleek is Sweet.
    It’s a fact.

  16. I didn’t realize you got such interesting emails. You should publish more of them. They are very entertaining. Hope it all works out for Mr.Egghead.

  17. “chicks don’t dig me because im going bald”…

    No. My guess is that chicks don’t dig you because you’re an oblivious oaf, who thinks women are so superficial to only be attracted to men who fit some physical ideal. Crawl back under your rock – and it doesn’t matter whether you go headfirst or not, because your top is likely indistinguiable from your bottom! [harumph!]

  18. er, that should be “indistinguishable”. [goes back to glass of scotch…]

  19. Bald?

  20. I think that penguin should seek a second opinion. I have a haircut you could set you watch by, short and sharp.

  21. I reckon your irony deficient readers are very taken by your no-nonsense approach to the subject of lurve.

  22. I have always been heard that bald nd balding men have an abundance of testosterone. And that they remain very sexually active. My hubby is baldng and I can attest first hand that this may very well be true:)

  23. that’s a good shot ghosty 🙂

    shinade: I subscribe to that theory too….

  24. Tell them to call Oprah. Sheesh . . .

  25. […] queen (dear nursemyra part 2) nursemyra often receives emails from readers who think she is qualified to dispense medical advice. when “anonymous” asked me this […]

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