who’s really in charge? **

nursemyra has been reading a fascinating book: Survival of the Sickest by Dr. Sharon Moalem. it’s all about parasites, reproduction, genetics and evolution and is bursting with provocative theories and facts.

the chapter on toxoplasma gondii had me intrigued. this parasite can live in any warm blooded mammal but only reproduces sexually in cats. so how does it get from a mouse back into a cat if it’s horny? when a mouse eats infected cat droppings, T. gondii can manipulate Mickey’s behaviour.

the mouse becomes fat, lethargic and attracted to the smell of pussy. he virtually serves himself up for dinner. so what does this mean for humans?

Professor Flegr hypothesizes that women infected with T. gondii spend more money on clothes and are rated as being more attractive than those who are not. they are more easygoing, care more about their appearance and have a higher level of intelligence than their control group, but are also less trustworthy and possibly more promiscuous.


some researchers (Hatalski & Lipkin) are examing the possibility that genital herpes may affect human sexual behaviour. “…ganglion infection may modulate sensory input to sex organs leading to increased sexual activity and enhanced probability of virus transmission”

in other words, herpes wants you to get some action.

remember the nurse’s advice for her patients? practise safe sex, people. carry a condom at all times. and be extra careful around well dressed intelligent women…..


** hey, for once this is about serious research.

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  1. I can has T. gondii? =^-.-^=

  2. I was going to comment – but I can’t top kyknoord’s comment!

  3. I was tempted to pin this infestation on Paris Hilton … until I read about the intelligence part. Must be something else wrong with her, then …

    ** My appetite is whetted, TY nurse 🙂

  4. I believe that in the course of my many sexual conquests I may well have attracted both herpes and his-pes. And everybody’s-pes.

  5. maybe it’s the hangover, but if i’m tracking the logic, then Paris Hilton can be expected to get fat, slow down and be eaten by a giant cat with herpes? Oh, if it could be so…

  6. ‘and be extra careful around well dressed intelligent women…..’ always dear Nursey – for the past 40 years or more …………..

  7. And if you don’t have a condom, put some oil on the boobies and have a titfuck (which would work very well with Nursie!).

  8. Phew thank goodness I don’t live in New York!!!!!

  9. You were Lorenzo’s model, weren’t you?

  10. Mmmm . . . cat droppings


  11. tobymarx: no, unfortunately my butt is not this round. that’s why the friday corset photos are always from the front

    ~m: not as tasty as human droppings from what I hear

  12. But please note, when a well-dressed intelligent woman strikes up a conversation with you, do not reply with “Is this you talking or the herpes?” You will not like what happens next.

  13. do tell…..

  14. ‘the mouse becomes fat, lethargic and attracted to the smell of pussy’

    I’ve always liked mice… I think this could be why.

  15. Haaaaaa!
    “Is this you talking or the herpes?” Excellent!

    How about, “do you feel the need to get eaten?” instead?

  16. renal failure is consistently excellent in his pickup lines Ms Woeful. you should check out his blog. pope terry hangs out there too sometimes. it’s where all the cool kids are

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