wholesome lubricant for foreskin freshness

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nursemyra supports strict hygiene practices, especially when it concerns the genitals. Dr. Wright would like to assure us that the much maligned smegma has a place in sexual pleasure, providing a “wholesome lubricant” between the foreskin and the penis.

A problem arises in collection of fresh smegma in sufficient amount for experimental research. For this reason some workers have used smegma from horses because these animals produce it is large amounts. But despite repeated inoculations of horse smegma into the vaginas of laboratory animals, the results have been conflicting with regard to its inducing malignant disease.

I’ll take the doctor’s word for it that fresh smegma is inoffensive, it’s the stale variety that should be avoided at all costs. so it’s heartening to know that those good people at the Betty Hubbard clinic have patented a handy little appliance*** that eradicates phallic fungi at the touch of a button.


*** recommended by the British Felching Association

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  1. You do realise young Nursey, that you pop your posts up just as I’ve finished my breakfast and I’m feeling early a.m. fragile ………….

  2. I knew there was a reason I could never take to Parmesan……..

  3. I love Parmesan – It is Camembert I have a problem with – – –

  4. Precisely the reason I’m happily cut (and shaved).

  5. WTF is that? It looks like something you mix paint with!

  6. “the British Felching Association”


  7. joy of joys! you’ve worked two of my most favorite words into a single post! “smegma” and “felching”. [sigh]

  8. I would love to hear Homer Simpson do his trademark mmmmmmm Smegma one day…

  9. I’m thinking it may even remove nasty rust from a bumper.

  10. How would the denizens of Smegma House feel about being removed from the campus in such a violent manner?

  11. This is why I’m a firm believer in bleach.

  12. Once again my knowledge base expanded who knew there was someone studying this stuff…:)

  13. I still prefer the more common phrase ‘dick cheese’. I think I’d rather keep mine clean and do the extra work for the lube…

    And why would anyone take a job collecting horse cheese.

  14. One question: is the efficacy of the BFA-recommended appliance related to the fact that it also removes the offending penis in the process?

  15. I think you’d have to take that up with the betty hubbard clinic. one of the testaments to its effectiveness is a little alarming…..

    “Healthy Knob Magazine ***** “A great device, no Man should be without one of these fantastic little gadgets.”

    “Intimate Gadget Magazine (no stars) Unfortunately this thing was a complete disaster for our tester. It ripped his Bell-end to shreds.”

    “Dr. Skcollob Our very own online medical advisor says: “I would not hesitate to recommend this fantastic hygiene device”

  16. It’s been quite some time since I’ve heard “smegma” used!

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