it’s what’s underneath that counts

we’re experiencing some pretty hot weather here in sydney. it’s a nice time of year to sit in the shade with a cold drink, none of that crazy exercising stuff for nursemyra. I caution my patients about the perils of getting too hot and sweaty as this can lead to nasty fungal infections like candida.


both sexes should wear modest cotton undergarments that are not too tight. your local member of the clergy can often advise you on this. cardinal wolsey recommends the “never shrink” type


I’ve been doing my own research and found some interesting examples of what NOT to wear at Love Shop’s Lingerie for Men. I’d never thought to use the word lingerie when referring to men’s underwear before, but the good people at this site even stock panties for men.

Chase the boredom from your bedroom with Breakaway Briefs! This amazing panties allures and makes your sexual instincts more vivid in a while.

Such access pants will come as a surprise in your bedroom and will be great unexpectedness for your lover.

Party Time After Hours For Him is a gorgeous attire designed to imbue your sexual rendezvous with unforgettable sensations and sensuality.


they stock a cornucopia of delights for the discerning pervert shopper. though I must say the mesh enhancers (above left) did not seem to be living up to its promise to “make you look HUGE!” (you can click on the pic to enlarge it but the package remains rather small) perhaps there had been some mix up with the advertising copy and those words were intended for the leather jock tanga instead………


any readers who are planning to attend nursemyra’s sexual health clinic are advised not to turn up wearing anything remotely resembling a tanga


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  1. “breakaway briefs” – ha!

    also, “one size fits most” for the Jock Tanga(!!?!) – hee-yuck!

    but that “Next to Nothing”? Lord have mercy!

  2. I think I recognise that Next to Nothing thing from the Alien vs Predator move. It figures.

  3. and by “move”, I mean “movie”. Poetic licence.

  4. Are they expensive? Perhaps I could do a time-share system with Penfold ………..

  5. How did I ever think my life was quasi-complete without a fishnet torso jumper?

  6. Ah nursemyra,
    What different worlds we live in. Here in Norway, wool underpants are a must in the mountains. Mrs. BBs fit me best, so I have stolen an (b)unch, much to her fury. Cleary with lines designed for the pooty, mr happy is kissing johnny o, but they keep the factory warm on the slopes! I am tempted to look into her summer collection!

  7. don’t keep that factory too warm beaverboosh. you know those little spermy guys don’t like the heat 🙂

  8. Seeing the Tanga hurts me bad.

  9. “the Alien vs Predator move”

    Is that in the Kama Sutra?

  10. if anyone or anything showed up in my presence wearing the ‘tanga’, i would immediately hit the ‘ejecto-button’ i’ve installed in my bed. and because this particular foul would be so egregious? i wouldn’t even open the ‘ejection door’ on the wall before launch.

  11. I wish it was warm here, it’s the middle of winter now. How could any guy wear that stuff and take themselves seriously.

  12. I prefer to sleep au naturel, and let it all hang out.

    This is also the manner in which I like to conduct my day-to-day business, but this practice is rather frowned upon by less enlightened souls.

  13. A man that wants to sport the tanga can’t be lazy.

  14. fish net, meat & 2 veg are just so not a good combination …. where are the fashion police when you need them ??

  15. “i wouldn’t even open the ‘ejection door’ on the wall before launch”


    Also like the ‘discerning perverts’ bit, nursemyra. 🙂

    Now off to bed, hopefully not to dream about scarily dressed trouser snakes …

  16. Well… it takes two to tanga.

  17. In the steamy atmosphere of the desert, it is sometimes necessary to avoid undergarments altogether. The sweating, chafing and consequent fungal invasions are quite horrid. Mango cream works fairly well at reducing the nasties.

    Sgnd, The Commando!

  18. So I’m going to have to change… *throws tanga against wall*.

  19. that’s very funny!!!!

    (but be a good boy now and pick that tanga up. put it in a charity bin for a homeless person, can’t let clothing go to waste)

  20. Second hand tanga… I dont think the homeless are that desperate

  21. Nursemyra…I’m so with you on the leather jock tanga…. Hope you’re keeping well girlie…I’v been up to my eyes in silk, velvet, tulle and deep red wine x

  22. *sigh* boat tart I am so envious. please please please start your blog and put up some photos of your corsets

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