a cherry a day

yesterday nursemyra gave advice to her readers on ways to avoid fungal infections. today’s lesson is about eating a balanced diet. my good friends at the Love Shop understand the value of three serves of fruit a day. with the consumer’s health in mind they stock apple, cherry and strawberry g-strings

Erotique Juicy Cherry Crotchless G-string features an amazing piece of lingerie that strikes by its original design. The crotchless sexy G-string allows you to relish penetrative sex and fine access of your favorite sex toys to your sensible genitals. Moreover, the revealing garment is embellished with decorative cherries for more fun and fancy sex party.

Erotique Juicy Heart Crotchless G-string represents a jiggly piece of lingerie designed to awake all your intimate feelings and burning flames of passion. The sexy G-string features a crotchless design for easier penetration during your sex games. Moreover, the come-hitcher charm of the provocative heart applied on this enticing garment is hard to resist.


moving along from the sweet to the savoury, I noticed this site, Asian Vegetable Sex. I didn’t go any further than the front page, quite frankly looking at pictures of girls with yams up their yoni is not really my thing. but I was impressed with the variety of vegetables on offer

Hot Asian girls getting off with carrots, cucumbers, zucchinis, endive, parsnips, grapes, leeks, chilis, and more.


I’m not sure about having a labia full of leek though. I think there would be conflicting aroma issues. nursemyra recommends eating vegetables not abusing them


some people like to play around with food. if they do this in a sexual manner it’s called sploshing. others use sharp knives and ingenuity to combine food and religion. or food and erotica, depending on which altar they worship at


unlike mark ryden, medical professionals like to keep parsnips out of the operating room. there is a strange resemblance to nursemyra in ryden’s portrayal of birth. the sly expression on his matron’s face is the same one I adopt when I get to use one of my instruments…


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  1. ‘The crotchless sexy G-string allows you to relish penetrative sex and fine access of your favorite sex toys to your sensible genitals.’

    SENSIBLE GENITALS…. When I look at the old meat sac or fish taco the last thing I think is ‘oh thats a sensible looking arrangement’

  2. This is getting very confusing …….. I’m going to have some oily fish to increase my brain power so I can cope.

  3. are you eating kippers for breakfast again?

  4. Number 6: Om Dagen. Ummm… dig in? Ummm, Dag? In?

  5. I like the food art onion with the hair. 🙂

  6. I reckon a labia full of leek would be more pleasant than a coochie full of chile.

  7. Perhaps Portnoy’s real complaint was that he couldn’t find a suitable vegetable for a side dish with his liver…

  8. I’ve heard women speak longingly about an “Italian Stallion”, but I guess in this case it would be an “Italian Scallion”.

    Sorry, I just couldn’t restrain myself.

  9. awwww that spring onion has such sad eyes … great hair do though, I reckon the hot Asian chicks are responsible for that… made his hair stand on end!!

  10. onions, leeks or scallions (or veggies of any kind, really) and sex…

    nah! huh-uh! i don’t even find chocolate syrup or whipped cream titillating. call me old-fashioned, but i much prefer the taste and aroma of unadulterated cooze.

  11. cooze? eeek, that word sounds too much like ooze. careful tobymarx, you don’t want to get banned from the gimcrack for using bad language do you?


  12. The one thing to remember about eating vegetables is that you need to remember to put them back in their wheelchairs afterwards.

  13. Did I just see the jolly green giantess? These vegetable dildos are so lifeless compared with the latest electrical equipment.

  14. and your preferred euphemism is…


  15. renalfailure……made me spit wine all over myself. I hate wasting wine! 😉

  16. snatch?

    I always though “dew-spangled passion flower” had a nice ring to it…

  17. I prefer quim.

    though “dew spangled passion flower” has a nice ring to it 🙂

  18. I will never understand the sploshing thing. I’ve seen it but I just don’t get it.

  19. me neither. just makes me want to take a shower

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