drink up

there are a lot of different ways of using coke
 but even the gimcrack’s kitchen would never stoop so low as to serve any of these.
The Coca-Cola Consumer Information Center offers a free packet of recipes including a Mustard Herb Dressing (an Italian style salad dressing made with one-half cup of Coca-Cola), a Twin Cheese Dip (requiring three-quarter cup of Coca-Cola and doubling as a sandwich filling), and Sweet-Sour Cabbage (using one-half cup of Coca-Cola and two tablespoons of bacon drippings).
we prefer to use lard. it’s much cheaper and in an emergency it can be used as a lubricant on the tip of an enema nozzle
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  1. so that is where the expression ‘Lard Arse’ comes from 😀

  2. Efficient. Especially since you’d probably need an emergency enema if you were brave enough to try one of those recipes.

  3. I prefer that over the Sweet & Sour Cabbage Enema… That one tears the ass out of me.

  4. reassuring to know that the Lard Information Council is doing a fine job – preaching the lard gospel!

  5. I can’t recall where or when, but I know I’ve heard of a Coke enema being used by someone.

    As to lard, we had one of the characters use bacon fat as an anal lubricant in Thundercrack!, but that was years ago and it never caught on (that I am personally aware of).

    Coke and lard… mmmm-m-m.

  6. I’m getting so much advice over here I don’t know which way to turn …….

  7. Who drew that last graphic? Its awesome! Its like See Dick Cum from the 50’s!

  8. You must check this out.

    It made me scream.

  9. Coke should only be served chilled. That’s an interesting picture. My guess is that the standing woman is getting the better deal.

  10. okay since I’ve started reading this place I’ve been put off Picnic Chocolate and now coke…….this is better than slimming

  11. I believe the anus can also double as an in-built bottle opener, lest you forget to supply one.

  12. One of my personal favorite recipes using coca-cola.

  13. Hey, that threesome is ignoring a perfectly good loveseat in the background there.

    There’s also another lesson in that picture: ladies, always keep your heels on. It’s classy-looking.

  14. used as a lubricant on the tip of an enema nozzle
    Almost like WD-40 . . .

  15. I can’t wait to pass this to my friends.
    They love to drink Coke.
    Well until I cut and past this link anyways.

  16. Yikes! I know coke cane stop an asthma attack cold. It’s saved me a few times. But I’ll have to pass on these recipes.

  17. tobymarx: yep, that’s a scary device alright. have you been dipping into my archives at all? you may have already seen this one


    upsetwaitress: I’m going to make that recipe this weekend!

  18. That’s a great link upsetwaitress – can you make it with diet coke too?

  19. Yes and yes.

    Love your collection of oddities.

  20. Respect the enema nozzle.

  21. we’re all about respect for the enema at the gimcrack

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