nix nax’s knackers

when you’re wasting time doing legitimate research on the web, you come across the darndest things. like my new friend Nax*


his orange nipple doesn’t bother me as it’s more than made up for in other departments

nax has many friends, but his favourite is andy because she’s so talented

ANDY can observe her home in the sky. And found it in the ngc2070 region. Androids not need close the other eye. They can look different things with each eye and seperate this in the electronic brain.


I think I’m going to have to order three of these for the gimcrack. why three? because Nax comes in hetero and homo versions.

* daddyp I hope you’re proud of me. I could have chosen more intimate photos of Nax and his star gazing companion but I resisted. for the sake of your dicky ticker x

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  1. His legs are a bit girlie!!!!

  2. an inflatable astronomer? is this a suitable way to explore the vacuum of space? i mean, she is kind of an airhead….

  3. Your very kind consideration is appreciated – I have to be so careful nowadays.
    Are you missing me as much as I’m missing you? ……. of course you are!!!!!!

    XXX and public *hugs*

  4. Photos of Prince Albert piercings have exactly the opposite effect on my genitals as photos of you, my dear nurse. Likewise, photos of amppalangs.

    I suppose you could say this makes you a puppet master of sorts. 😉

  5. Ha! A dicky ticker, that’s a brilliant one. It can go a couple of ways, one the naughty way and then the Dick Cheney way wherein the search for the ticker takes a long time…..

  6. gaz – Cheney has no soul. How could he have a ticker? That’s the real reason he has that pacemaker…

  7. Breaking news: The robot holocaust will now be caused by disgruntled sexbots who like telescopes.

  8. so it’s not just Andy who has a telescope?

  9. that orange nipple looks whorled …

  10. Whoa, that Andy is hot! Do you know where I can get her number?

  11. does Mrs Beaverboosh know you’re asking?

  12. So shes come all the way from space to look through a telescope and have sex… its like a contiki tour isnt it.

  13. exactly!

  14. No it’s a surprise. I thought I would ease her into a threesome, through clearly she appears to have her own binary obsession so need need for the number thanks!

  15. Wow, they’ve covered all the bases with these sex dolls.

    WARNING people: the other image from this article that Old Cloots has added might be a little graphic for some…..

  16. yep… they didn’t leave much out 🙂

  17. WARNING people: the other image from this article that Old Cloots has added might be a little graphic for some…..

    SORRY! I should have added that disclaimer.

    Yeah, I was kind of shocked. Probably shouldn’t have been…

  18. too late to pretend shock, clootsy. unless you were referring to the overuse of the colour orange 🙂

  19. […] Psst Nurse Myra knows all about Nax too. Possibly related posts: (automatically generated)WTF Was That?Weird […]

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