friday’s maid part 1

I’ve still got plenty of corsets for the ongoing corset shots but felt like doing something a bit different today. I used to wear this outfit when washing the dishes for stephen


part 2 next friday

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  1. Friday’s maid is loving and giving.

  2. …but I was born on a Saturday

  3. my favourite person was born on a saturday…

  4. hi trixiebelden, haven’t seen you here in a while

  5. The dishes would have stayed dirty a while longer!

  6. So sweet. So demure. I love white – – –

  7. a case of the missing laptop, and not a blog i dare to look at on the work machine.
    you look to still be in…robust health.

  8. You certainly have MAID my day, my dear Nurse.

  9. I could use a little household help myself…

  10. so what are the prices for tickets from chicago to australia?????

  11. but reading about steven made me feel like an ass…sorry. i hope the outfit brings back good memories….

  12. Another reason to love Fridays!

  13. absolutely love the polka dot bra! retro-festive!

  14. Kinda reminds me of a French maid outfit. Very pretty.

  15. Stephen was a lucky, lucky man, sweetheart.

  16. Any chance you got Stephen to wear that outfit while doing the dishes for you? tee hee…

  17. Dishpan hands never seemed so sexy…

  18. What Toby Marx said, NM…

  19. you took the wrong career move NM you are a born to the role you portray 😉

  20. Naughty!

  21. Lovely as always nursemyra.

  22. hiya ricardo! how’s that hiatus going?

  23. nice ……I ripped my boxers at work on friday…..which had me panicking a bit……

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