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nursemyra likes toys. I also like collecting things such as corsets, gloves, stockings and boots, lighters, toothpick holders and books on grammar. I don’t actively search these out, it’s more fun to just stumble across them while doing other stuff.


a friend of mine collects toothbrushes, so I found one at, and was about to forward the link when I noticed the beer boob.


Beer Boobs is manufactured by Pipe Dreams. Pipe Dreams 30 Years of Pleasure Always on the Cutting Edge!

this gave me a brainwave. wouldn’t it be a fabulous thing if the female breast could produce a sustaining fluid other than milk?


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  1. Maybe if a women stuffed herself with bananas and then did some nude bungee jumping, her boobs would produce banana milk shakes.

  2. Why not just fill the baby’s bottle with Blatz and cut out the middle-..err.. woman?

  3. It is stout & Guinness over here for mother’s – full of iron …. tastes disgusting to me but very popular with the boys I understand!!

    Not sure I like the idea of becoming a drinks dispenser though

  4. Leave it to a Midwestern brewing company to come up with that one.

    The Blatz Brewing Co. sponsored The Honeymooners, my favorite TV show as a child, back in the ’50s. The Blatz jingle (Blatz is Milwaukee’s Finest Beer!) left a deep imprint in the murky subconscious of the American Midwestern working class, making cheap swill the mother’s milk of rednecks to this very day. 😉

  5. “Pipe Dreams” … LOL!

  6. i’m with 70’s – nursing was wonderful and magical and all that shit, but i felt like a Jersey cow!

    the toothbrush and ‘nipple’ remind me of my favorite gift received at the ‘farewell party’ for my breasts (prior to surgery). there are some marvelous pics of me placing one between the real girls – providing a lifelike “superfluous third nipple”. (and yes, alcohol may have been a factor…)

  7. The design flaw with the penis toothbrush is that the penis end is coming OUT of the mouth.

    Guinness from the teat? I like that idea, but I don’t the lady-friend I get the Guinness from will like me putting a pint glass to her breast.

    Blatz is Milwaukee’s Finest Beer? I don’t think that speaks well of Milwaukee.

  8. a pint glass would reduce the breast volume by far too much. then there’d be nothing left to play with.

    what do you call a 5 oz glass of beer where you come from? in sydney it’s called a “pony” but in queensland it’s just a “small beer”

  9. I pee out beer, but it just doesn’t taste the same.

  10. I like to keep abreast of the latest trends in beer dispensing…sorry.

  11. LMAO! My late uncle had one of those beer nipples when I was kid. (He had a lot of inappropriate toys.) As a curious twelve-year-old….I distinctly remember being both awed & disgusted by it.

  12. A 5oz glass of beer? I think we call that “cheated.”

    We have pony bottles of beer, they’re 7oz. And we have pony kegs, which is half a keg.

  13. The female breast produces one of the sweetest, most wonderful liquids I have ever had the pleasure of imbibing … not to mention that it comes in such attractive containers!

    I’ve had Blatz beer. Really good name for it. *puke*

  14. I think having breasts dispensing beer would be an excellent move, for then I would be able to combine my life-long sex-addiction problem along with my crippling alcoholism.

    It would certainly save time, which I could use for further drinks/bouts of intercourse.


  15. Hey Renal Failure thay tooth brush would be perfect for that movie you were talking about a short while ago.

  16. pony?? in all my misspent youth, i’ve never heard of a “pony”. i’d call a 5oz beer a “why bother?”

  17. Tits that dispense beer. Well, at least I can die happy, safe in the knowledge that any offspring of mine will get the best upbringing ever.

  18. Welcome Qelqoth! how do you think we’d go with selling this idea to the amish?

  19. “Some report that beer aids milk production and that infants prefer alcohol-flavoured breast milk. Even though beer increases maternal milk production and alcohol enhances its flavour, evidence indicates that the presence of alcohol in breast milk has an overall effect of decreasing infant consumption by 23%.” I read this on the interweeb so it must be true…

  20. huh? those statements are so contradictory that they make my brain hurt 🙂

  21. A penis brush, eh?
    Hmmm…. what to use for a toothpaste . . .

  22. don’t go there…..

  23. Why do Americans name their beers after the sounds of the farts they generate? I mean, PBR? Blatz?

  24. […] Stolen from the delightful, yet NSFW gimcrack hospital […]

  25. Hello!
    Very Interesting post! Thank you for such interesting resource!
    PS: Sorry for my bad english, I’v just started to learn this language 😉
    See you!
    Your, Raiul Baztepo

  26. I don’t think the Gimcrack is a good place to learn this language….. 😉

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