twisted knickers


one of the things that scares me about old age is the thought of having a tick beside the “incontinent” box on my 3020 assessment. that’s why I do kegel exercises religiously every day, and recommend that you do too.

but for some people, being wrapped up in a diaper or wearing training pants puts them in a state of sexual excitement. I have a hard job getting my head around it, even johnny depp couldn’t make that fetish work for me. however, in the interests of science, I have been researching some of the accoutrements associated with diaper play. apparently, noisy plastic fabric and babyish prints are desirable.


For those days, when you want to be and feel a little special, naughty, and very sexy, these Manties are for you. Once you have them on, it will be “hard” to take them off.

They make a great gift for any guy. People have bought them for that wedding night, for that special night together, and just to wear every day because they are the most comfortable and softest underwear a man could ever have.


Sexy Mens Panties Lacy Trim *Make Heads Turn*

personally, I can’t think of many things less conducive to desire than having my phallus trapped beneath a wad of urine or faeces soaked fabric. then again, as I don’t even have a phallus to treat mistreat in this fashion, aficionados of the sport might say I’m talking through a hole in my bottom


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  1. They do it because they want to be babies again. Especially men in responsible positions, like judges. You could make a good living mothering them, Nursie. Even more if you breast fed them.

  2. “…Sexy Mens Panties Lacy Trim *Make Heads Turn*…”
    Stomachs, too.

  3. Attractive.

  4. No lacy panties for me, please! I don’t have a lifestyle filling me with quite that much responsibility … I’ll take the ass-pant model in the center though, thanks much.

  5. ick. i’m pretty open minded, but seriously. ick.

  6. “that wedding night”?

    Astronauts wear nappies, as we found out recently when that wacko shuttlestronaut girl drove across country in one to kill her boyfriend, so she wouldn’t have to stop to go peepee, and hence lose precious time when she could have been killing her boyfriend.

    Or was it his other girlfriend she was trying to kill…

    No matter.

    I remember Buzz Aldrin admitting a little while ago that when he was walking on the Moon back in ’69, he was carrying ‘a load’. Which sort of gives a different perspective on that classic shot of him standing there on the lunar surface, mysteriously pointing down at his middle area.

    Seems he was pointing to his nappy and asking Armstrong if he knew how to take it off without, like, exploding.

    A dirty nappy in a space suit. *blech*

  7. No thanks! My downstairs neighbors like to swing free.

  8. I kegel like a good’un… no I don’t want to wear a nappy again nor would I want the man in my life to present me with ‘Manties’ there is something VERY wrong with that!!

  9. good girl 70s! and the boys appreciate it when you kegel too 🙂

  10. “Manties”! Wow, I learned something new today. Thanks!

  11. hi Luka, welcome to the gimcrack. have just visited your very funny blog. love the foreskin freshness deodorant!

  12. NM ~ I know they do 😉

  13. I’m not exactly sure what I would do when I want to feel a little special, naughty, or sexy… but I do know for a fact that wearing a pair of Manties is not what I would do.

  14. If I ever find myself so incontinent and/or sexually frustrated that the idea of wearing a giant nappy appeals, I shall be asked to be taken out into the garden and shot through the head.

  15. “No I don’t have herpes. It’s just diaper rash.”

  16. Manties…

  17. I know just what you mean…..

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