read it and weep part one

working at the gimcrack gives me lots of opportunity to observe human behaviour. being an expert at phallomancy, breast deciphering and hand reading, I use these tools to supplement my findings. I also use face reading techniques, because, quite frankly, with our patients, you often don’t want to look at anything lower than a neck.

nursemyra has a high wide forehead which means I am clever and idealistic. I also have upward slanting, wide set, slightly uneven green eyes which apparently is an asset

“If you are looking for someone with a flair for shifting paradigms – then here’s your woman. These people become invaluable assets to a company looking for enginuity* in it’s* approach.

If the eyes are slanting downwards, the person may be a little self deprecating and at the mercy of others. They are hardly able to say “no”.


the wideset eyed character is far more tolerant and broadminded in perspective. People of this class may present a flagrant disregard for authority and advice.

Be watchful of people who look drunk even when they haven’t had a single beer. It offers a preview of a personality given to strong sexual desire.  Accentuated jowels* add more weight to your testimony.

You will need a lot of time to understand the spontaneous and sometimes wilful mind of a green eyed person. Men and women of genius often possess this coloured eye.


so go check out the characteristics revealed in your forehead and eyes. no reading ahead, we’ll be moving on to ears and cheeks tomorrow…..

*they should have employed a green eyed woman to proofread for grammatical and spelling errors

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  1. If the eyes are slanting downwards, the person may be a little self deprecating and at the mercy of others. They are hardly able to say “no”.

    So you dont have those eyes… dammit!

  2. no I haven’t 🙂

  3. I’ve been trying to get into sternomancy for the longest time, but for some reason, volunteers have been few and far between. Can’t imagine why.

  4. you’re living in the wrong country. I could rustle you up some volunteers in no time.

  5. Green eyes at night, sailor’s delight. But yellow eyes at night means you’re going to get eaten.

  6. I’ll have red eyes on Friday night. What’s that mean? 😉

  7. I have a wide forehead and green eyes too, but I couldn’t find a description for my eyes – possibly wideset but only because my whole face is wide. Does this make me a typical broad?

  8. mmmmm….green eyes…if i ever meet you in person i’ll have to remember to lift my gaze that high….

  9. no mention of the mystical third eye. mine is myopic and wears a green contact lens. interpretations appreciated.

  10. I’m always amazed at all of this strange and quirky information that you end up finding

  11. What does it mean if one testicle hangs lower than the other?

  12. it must be about time you had another erection, that’ll draw them back up…..

  13. Apparently I am sensitive and fragile, highly sexed and gentle …… ooo wtg I love to be handled with care

  14. aah… me, i think i dont have the description of my eyes… hmm, what should i do then…

    inexplicable? 😦

    tadaa daa daa…daaa dumm…. 🙂

  15. “Grey eyes reveal a high degree of intelligence and imagination but passion may be less pronounced in this type as reasoning may subdue a part of their initiative. They are a refined class of people with a fastidious streak.”

    Well, I do have the intelligence and imagination…

  16. I’ll wait to comment ’til we get to the boob descriptions….

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