‘eat me apricot’ on fruity friday

archie and azahar have been talking fruit lately. nursemyra eats a ton of fruit, particularly in summer when there are lots of berries and stone fruits around. this was an old white corset that was looking a bit tired so I tried to perk it up with some orange dye. only the part that is 100% cotton absorbed the full colour but I still like the way it turned out with its wavery watermarks and hint of faded apricot.


dedicated to migraineboy who likes all things orange

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  1. ‘eat me apricot’, you just love to tease dont you.

  2. i’m reminded, for some reason, of a short story written by louis de bernieres (excuse me if i’ve spelt the author’s name incorrectly) where one of the characters was very enthusiastic about “plating my girlfriend”.

  3. I like a bright orange fabric around your juicy thighs, Nursie. It makes me think your thighs taste of orange juice.

  4. Nice – the orange highlights are perfect.

  5. gorgeous! and the dye job is pretty sweet, too!

  6. All the fruit jokes aside, the way the dye took to that is quite attractive. Of course, it did take several minutes to get past the stunning curves of the model to notice … 🙂

  7. Very civic-minded of you. If this doesn’t encourage more people to eat fruit, then nothing will.

    one of stephen’s artworks was titled civic minded. it was an installation piece – two enormous denuded fibreglass tree trunks stand opposite each other. instead of roots they both have a pair of shiny black lace up shoes. a lot of his work was whimsical and political at the same time. I don’t think there is an image of this piece on the net but the trunks in Underwood are similar


  8. I’m thinking more along the lines of peach…

  9. Heavens! You do look good enough to eat, my dear Nurse.

  10. Speechless…

  11. That was another successful friday for Nursemyra 🙂
    Have a great week-end x

  12. I think I just discovered my favorite shade of orange.

  13. Hmm it appears that I can only sample but one of the delicious fruity pictures up close. But any sweet morsel of nursemyra is better than nothing 🙂

  14. Very appeeling …

  15. hahaha beachbum, I love a good pun

  16. It may not be the forbidden fruit, but it’s definitely the sort of fruit that will bite you back.

  17. Ha – If I’d been as alert as Beach Bum, I’d have commented “Speachless”…

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