secrets of the famous

most people know that iron is essential for a healthy body. nursemyra thought eating red meat, leafy greens, oysters, sardines, fortified cereals and dried fruit was enough but Dr. Carl tells us:

You might eat lots of food with iron in it, but it’s useless until you get the iron across the wall of the gut and into the blood stream. Some food preservatives can actually stick onto the iron while it’s in your gut, so they stop iron entering your blood stream. The tannin in tea can do the same job, so that a Tea-And-Toast diet is a quick way of getting iron deficient.

for those of you who can’t do without your cup of tannin, perhaps a supplement might be the way to go. Jack Dempsey and Ty Cobb swore that taking nuxated iron worked for them but you may find a recommendation from the Vatican more persuasive.


lack of energy and hair loss are two of the possible side effects of iron deficiency.  how long has it been since you’ve looked or felt like this?


perhaps you should also be aware that drinking coffee can inhibit iron absorption when taken with food but does not have the same effect if drunk an hour beforehand


I’m not sure why this comely lass has been described as a filthy slut but it surely can’t be for her choice of coffee. perhaps it’s because she’s exercising in her underwear. young female athletes are more likely to suffer iron deficiency anaemia than healthy sedentary women. nursemyra is always comforted by research such as this, as it helps prove that lying down and  pumping someone else’s iron can be a positive health choice too

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  1. Vatican man says “like eating extract of beef instead of pounds of meat”. I prefer a good meat-pound myself… And Lyons Coffee? It’s what’s for breakfast!

  2. I thought it was kittens for breakfast. Oh sorry, wrong blog…

  3. hhmmmmm… and I thought I was being adventurous putting onion flakes on my muesli…

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