nursemyra does not clean up vomit. actually I don’t clean up any body waste products, we have traineenurse to do that. if I see/hear/smell vomit I have to quickly head in another direction lest I lose my lunch also. perhaps that’s why I’m an administrator rather than a ward nurse.

today I came a little too close to a patient who appeared to be coughing but you know what those leaky old people are like. she changed her mind on a whim and disgorged what looked like spotted dick. the pudding of course. if you want to look at the other type of spotted dick you can go here.


click on image for animation

luckily for sick people, not all medical professionals are as queasy about these things as nursemyra. Stubbins Ffirth went way beyond the call of duty when he tried to prove that yellow fever was not contagious.

Ffirth decided to bring himself into direct contact with bodily fluids from those that had become infected. He started to make incisions on his arms and smeared vomit into the cuts, then proceeded to pour it onto his eyeballs.[4] He continued to try and infect himself using infected vomit by frying it and inhaling the fumes,[5] and, when he did not become ill, drank it undiluted.

unfortunately he was wrong but at least he had fun trying to prove his theory.

you’ll probably appreciate a segue back to sweet things after reading about intrepid Mr Stubbins. here’s a picture of a 17th century sausage pudding forcer


and here’s what Henry Carey (1687-1743) had to say about desserts and doctors

The Physicians, though they cry out so much against Cooks and Cookery, yet are but Cooks themselves; with this difference only – the Cook’s Pudding lengthens life – the Physician’s shortens it: so that we live and die by pudding – For what is an Enema but a Bag Pudding – a Pill but a Dumpling –  a Medication but a Tanzy, though not altogether so toothsome.*


*doctors don’t administer enemas at the gimcrack. that’s a job for the nurses.

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  1. What a lovely watercolor…

  2. I tried really hard to come up with a good quip concerning the sausage pudding forcer … then thought better of it.

  3. I tried really hard to come up with a good quip concerning the sausage pudding forcer … then thought better of it.

  4. oh you thought twice. better make it thrice for good measure 🙂

  5. Loves me some spotted dick with cream.

    The enterprising Stubbins, however, would not fall onto my “dream date” post-it note.

  6. Sounds like to me Mr. Stubbins already had the fever.

    Well, that ‘getting-ready-for-enema’ painting is quite stunning. Is that Gauguin?

  7. Oh bleh, vomit! And I stupidly forgot not to be eating my fruit purée as I read this …

  8. My pudding may not lengthen life, but it does make life a lot more enjoyable.

  9. Don’t ‘do’ vomit or spotted anything… the spotted youths of my teens have taught me that 😉

  10. I have seen many women gagging on some Spotted Dick in my time, believe me.

  11. How do people eat that jiggly shit. I mean honestly.

  12. A woman of class and beauty cleaning vomit?


    Oh nursemyra, I do belive the day they even think of having you do such a thing is the day you must leave the gimcrack.

    Pity about the guy resting fate with the yellow fever. Lol!

  13. yeah some bodily fluids are a lot less appealing than others 🙂

  14. My ex-Mother-in-Law was a big fan of the The Stubbins Ffirth Cookbook.

  15. one of the many reasons she’s an ex mother in law no doubt…..

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