the blind leading the blind

macular degeneration is an eye disease that affects many older people.

The need for increased illumination, sensitivity to glare, decreased night vision and poor colour sensitivity may indicate that there is something wrong.

you can check for symptoms by using an Amsler Grid. early detection is best so if you find you need to use one of these then get yourself to an ophthalmologist quicksmart


HELLOOOOOO IN THEEEEERE!” Finally we can solve that age-old question of what IS actually IN the vagina! Up until now I’ve been afraid to have sex because my Mom told me that there was a Vagina Monster in my crotch, that would come out and eat the pee pee of any guy trying to have sex with me. I’m happy to report that that ISN’T the truth, though it is a shame I spent the first half of my life as a lonely virgin. Now, let me tell you a little about this fine product.This Oral Sex Light was invented by a couple in Kentucky. They live deep within the Mammoth Caves and they both have very distinct albino qualities. This was the only way for them to finally get to give each other oral sex. They were so happy. Before they figured out how to use the light, it was a mess. She was riding stalagmites and he never got to get off.


it is not my intention to make fun of albino people here. I love the wild hair and moustache in the image above and the man in this one below is really rather exotic and attractive. he reminds me of Spike from Buffy the Vampire Slayer


you can see more wonderful photographs of some very special people here. Mr and Mrs Tom Thumb look very happy and not at all in need of an Oral Sex Light…..

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  1. Wow… god bless useless inventions. Couldn’t you just leave on the light…

  2. Vagina Monster indeed! What nonsense. Everyone knows it’s full of razor-sharp teeth.

  3. A girl with a vagina monster can’t be a virgin. How did it get in there?

  4. is there bluetooth with that? i mean if you’re so clueless as to need light for navigation, then you’ll probably need a coach on the sidelines talking you in…

    hahahaha. daisyfae, I can’t wait to conquer Spain with you 🙂

  5. At last, I am back in the real world of the Gimcrack after the silliness which has been my blog today. (The University crowd are disagreeing with my artistic tastes!)

    Vagina monsters exist! My tongue was not always this short!

  6. Why do we need an oral sex light again… ?

    Spike! You like Buffy too? Cool.

  7. Vagina monster or not, if you are wearing that little apricot number, I’m risking it!!!

  8. Hee! The doc that delivered the V-man looked just like Spike (from Buffy). Blonde hair et al… (I used to be a fan.)

  9. When I first read Oral Sex Light I thought they were talking about just getting close to it, maybe a little gentle kissing..,

    that would have been Oral Sex Lite

  10. If they lived in the Mammoth Caves surely they would use a pot holers helmet with a lamp on the front!!!

  11. Albinos make a refreshing subject change from vomit. As for the Oral Sex Light, well, it may be a sign of age (other than my already advancing macular degeneration) but the first thing that popped into my mind was ‘I wonder how much those albinos made outta that thing?’

  12. Vagina monster? Well, that bites.

  13. anaglyph: how did you go with the Amsler Grid?

    olga: beware the vagina dentata 🙂

  14. Oral Sex Lite!

    Great Taste! Less Filling!

  15. hi jenny, welcome to the gimcrack. we like early adoptees here 🙂

  16. Vaginal monster? Anyone here every play “Zork”? …

    “It is pitch black. You are likely to be eaten by a grue.”

  17. Gee, where’s the photos of Johnny and Edgar Winter?

  18. Some men might need the companion piece, the Oral Sex Map.

    Speaking of Vagina Dentata, the best movie ever about that subject “Teeth” should be out on DVD in May. Why it wasn’t nominated for Best Picture, I’ll never know.

  19. Gee, where’s the photos of Johnny and Edgar Winter?

    Maybe their hair was too boring? Aside from it not being white, my hair looks rather like that fellow’s up there, especially when the humidity picks up.

  20. that’s the coolest head of hair I’ve seen in a while. reminds me of a dandelion

  21. Reminds me of Jeff Lynne

  22. >>how did you go with the Amsler Grid?

    I didn’t see any black spots or distortion. A bunny, a unicorn, three railway employees and a bean enchilada, but no black spots or distortion.

    Maybe that’s the wrong test for me.

  23. well actually, it was a cleverly disguised minimental and you’re now officially classed as psychotic…

  24. You are right, he does look a bit like Spike. There was hot guy.

  25. yes and he likes chekhov too. how cool is that?

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