asian friday

Ricardo has suggested an asian theme for this week’s corset friday. I do have a lovely red and black chinese corset but thought I’d show you something else today instead.


I’ve been to vietnam several times and every visit I find myself getting measured up for another ao dai. the national dress of vietnam is one of the most flattering and sensual outfits ever designed. when worn with the matching or contrasting wide legged silk pants, the only bare flesh visible (apart from face, hands and neck) is a tiny triangle on either side of the waist. they are always made to measure and are as tight as a second skin over the bust and arms so every curve is accentuated yet nothing revealed.


unless you swap the pants for a pair of stockings…….


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  1. A waist is a terrible thing to mind.

  2. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! What a sight to wake up to. I will return to blogging with a new sense of purpose thanks to my muse. 🙂

  3. Dammit, you’re going to make me late for work again!

  4. Wow great dress, love the colour and fabric too. 🙂
    I didn’t know what this type of dress was called so thank you NM.

  5. Stunning! The colors are fantastic… I love the ao dai – bought two when i was in Vietnam last year. (Un)fortunately, with the massive weight loss, they don’t fit properly. Guess i need to go back…

    Very clever to swap the pants with stockings!

  6. Thank you for another test of my ability to refrain from blatantly obscene commentary.

    Didi mau, didi mau (phonetically will have to do today)

  7. you look amazingly beautiful in that dress – didn’t you say you have green eyes? with that dress your eyes must be like sparkling green crystals…

  8. That’s the kind of bosomy pillow my head needs.

  9. It’s beautiful. I love that light green.

  10. No wonder Rambo won’t leave Nam! It kind of makes me want to invade.

  11. Cool! I am thinking of trading in my bunad for an ao dai. Do you think the boys will stay warm enough for winter use or will I have to don mrs bb’s woolen g string for a bit of warmth on the factory floor?

  12. I had to google bunad but I think the sooner we get you out of that floral bodice, bonnet and skirt the better for your boys

  13. Such elegance, such beauty! So many naughty thoughts.

  14. Oh my gosh…that’s so beautiful!

    Olga, you’d look beautiful in an ao dai. maybe your next trip should be to vietnam?

  15. Who would have thought that a national dress could be so elegant?

    Especially considering our Australian national dress is a drizabone, an akubra, and a faceful of flies.

  16. I thought our national dress was a pair of speedos 🙂

  17. I have that Friday feeling. Right inside my trousers.

    Stunning, m’dear, as always.

  18. Very pretty. I can see why you like them.

  19. That so reminds my of that green dress, from that classic piece of asian cinema, ‘erotic ghost story’. Its a real movie, its not an adult pic… well, not intentionally. Anyone thats seen it, whuuuuuuu! Lovely as always dear nurse.

  20. I’ve not seen it unfortunately.

    have you seen In the Realm of the Senses?

  21. Ahhhh.

    Spectacular. Thank you.

    – AD –

  22. I have not seen that Nurse, but I’d urge you to see Erotic ghost story, its as close to porn as you can get without apparently being porn. Its quite funny aswell actually, though its main draw card is that its a complete raunchfest. I havent seen its two sequels though.




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