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Nascher coined the term Geriatrics back in 1914. He reported the common view of the elderly’s appearance as “generally unaesthetic, their actions objectionable, their very existence often an incubus on those who in a spirit of humanity take upon themselves the care of the aged.”


before the band became famous, the only incubus I’d heard of was Fuseli’s.


apparently, Fuseli ate a lot of pork chops to provide him with nightmarish dreams. when I read that, I took pork off the gimcrack’s menu. our geriatrics are nightmarish enough already.


but let’s go back to the incubus. according to mythology, it is a demon lover who has sex with sleeping women to drain their energy. this could explain nursemyra’s current state of exhaustion. the only sure way of identifying an incubus is to test the temperature of his penis which is always cold


I’m not quite sure how I’ll do that while I’m sleeping. though perhaps if I had one or two volunteers to practise upon when I’m awake…..

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  1. Perhaps now that Eliot Spitzer is out of a job he would be up for volunteering. After last week, I would think his penis is colder than a witch’s tit, if his wife has let him keep it. It is allegedly dwarf sized though and might not be up to your queen size requirements.

  2. have I ever said I’m a size queen? I prefer thickness to length, but both would be nice 🙂

    did you check out the links I sent you yet?

  3. Apologies, I have mistaken size queen for queen size; https://nursemyra.wordpress.com/2008/02/19/size-queen-dear-nursemyra-part-2/

    Effin brilliant! The strap line, ‘you’ve only got one…’ haha! Though it appears she has two? BTW, that is my ozzy cousin Beaverbruce in the ad!

    Hey nm, take care down there eh!

  4. how strong is the family resemblance?

  5. The resemblance is frightening. Put the Beaverboosh clan in a room with their trousers around their ankles and you can’t tell one tail from the next!

  6. *ahem* Aside from the contrast-and-compare contest going on here, I simply wanted to point out that the beer in the ‘walking dream’ image is Bass Ale, the most wonderful liquid available in a bottle. For liquids unavailable by the bottle, wonderful and otherwise, you folks are on your own.

  7. though perhaps if I had one or two volunteers to practise upon when I’m awake…..

    Waving hand wildly in the air…

  8. “which is always cold” …
    I just couldn’t help but think of Costanza in the pool!

  9. the little green critter looks an awful lot like the creepy lovelorn guitarist from my last show… no wonder i was exhausted during the production.

  10. I am forbidden to comment on size, but as to temperature taking, I wouldn’t think you would need your hands in any case.

  11. I love that picture of the old people having sex. That’s awesome and joyful.

    I agree; width is more important than length. You wanna scrape all the batter off the sides of the bowl when you’re cooking. 😉

    hey TGLB, thanks for dropping by. I really like your blog which I found thanks to anniegirl. the two of you have helped me through some difficult times in the grieving process, thank you so much.

  12. I didn’t think it was OK to have sex with women while they were asleep? If it’s OK, that certainly makes things easier. Well, I guess I’m an incubus now.

  13. The incubi have now taken to Internet dating and have since found it much more productive than their former approach to hooking up.

  14. eeeeeeeeeek

  15. Surely a cold ‘poke’ would wake you up? Or am I just being too logical here? 🙂

  16. I can’t say it’s my “pleasure,” but I’m glad it helps. It helps us both.

  17. Pork gives you nightmares… well is it could.

    Only red hot over here nursie… always red hot.

  18. always? ooh la la….

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