women aren’t the only sex to go through mid life changes. men have a menopausal equivalent known as andropause

 A reliable diagnostic sign that a man is low in testosterone is the loss of morning erections. There will also be physical changes associated with andropause, such as loss of hair in the armpits and axilla, shirking of the testicles, lessening of muscle mass, and also decreased muscle strength.

personally, I don’t think testicles should be allowed to do any shirking. this could be a typo, the writer probably meant to say ‘shrinking’.  of course, not all shrinking is because of andropause. sometimes it’s just the cremaster muscle being overzealous, drawing the testis closer to the body to prevent heat loss. incidentally, the cremaster is one of nursemyra’s favourite muscles, I like the way the word rolls off my tongue.

I’m also a fan of the Cremaster Cycle films of Matthew Barney. so many wonderful images to choose from I hardly know where to start


if you’d like to test the efficiency of your cremaster muscle here’s a simple test:

Clinically, a reflex arc can be demonstrated by lightly stroking the skin of the inner thigh downwards from the hip towards the knee. This causes the cremaster muscle on the same side to rapidly contract, raising that testicle. This so called cremasteric reflex is much more pronounced in boys than in men.

and if you want to keep your cremaster in tip top shape, keep doing those kegel exercises that nursemyra nags you about. I’ve heard that even daddyp does them occasionally


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  1. Indeed I do young Nursey, although backwards – legek exercises. [They used to be called leg ache exercises but the name was shortened due to texting].

    I’ve just tried the cremasteric reflex. Very impressive although ‘something’ seems to now be defying gravity. I look like part of a pawnbrokers sign……. still there you go.

    Anyway, it’s been nice hanging out with you – off back home now …….. cheerio

  2. NM please tell me that isn’t ‘him’!!!! lol 🙂

  3. I’m afraid mine have been shirking rather a lot lately. Damn, I think I need to get me a date.

  4. 70s: did you notice he slipped over for a visit just a few minutes before you? he didn’t deny anything…

    Kyknoord: how soon can you get on a plane?

  5. That ‘lightly stroking’, can a dude do that himself, or does a dusky maiden have to do it for him for best results?

    Also, does it particularly matter what the light stroking is done with?

  6. the answers would be Yes, Yes and Yes

  7. oh this is going to be fun! the power, the power! i can make them dance in a new way! “Master Cremaster Tester” is going on my resume…

    as for ‘shirking’? well, if the big guy isn’t doing his thing first thing in the morning, of course the troops are going to hang low…

  8. No worries here, I was so hard this morning that I could practically cut diamonds with it.


  9. The bastards are all booked up. Apparently there’s this thing called “Easter”.

  10. Wow.
    I actually got on line because I have the day off and I was looking for the news and instead I stopped by here first.
    You do know N.M that nothing else I read today will stick with me.
    But this will

  11. We had my Uncle cremastered after he died. My Aunt keeps his ashes over the fireplace.

  12. I just tried it and you’re right! Rolling Cremaster off the ol’ tongue really IS fun! I also like playing around with Gubernaculum. 😉

  13. Gubernaculum! that’s fantastic – thanks Olga. I’ll be using that at work today

  14. Don’t you just love that word?!? 😉

    (I never even heard of it until my blog-mistress’ son had a little “retraction” issue…luckily a little nip-tuck took care of that & everything is hanging as it should now!)

  15. The morning erections aren’t the problem. It’s the afternoon erection erections while I’m work that cause trouble. Or maybe I need to find a better office to work in.

  16. are erections encouraged in your line of work? they are at the gimcrack…..

  17. So your advicing me to excercise my muscle… can do!

    I saw that Austrian (I think) Dr on sbs a while ago doing that thigh stroke thing, It didnt work when i tried it…

  18. Oh and by the way, people are always shirking at my balls… its quite disconcerting.

  19. Damn! I must have missed that show. Was it on one of those friday night docos at 10:00 pm?

  20. Men should kegel? How interesting. I will have to let my husband know about this as he is intimate appreciation of this particular exercise.

  21. it was on mondays, it was that plastination (covering things in plastic?) dude, that does all the anatomy stuff, it was on last year I think. He did autopsys on people it was pretty cool. But there was always a few models there having things painted on them, and he demonstrated that on one of them.

  22. Annie: yes, they work to prevent incontinence in both sexes 🙂

    Alex: oh I saw his exhibition when it was here two or three years ago. I think he was out here again recently? didn’t realise he did stuff with live people too

  23. Well it was him and some british doctor, I think it was a bbc production. Its probably available at dymocks actually thats where sbs sell most of their junk. Of course they only did the autopsys on dead people… those live models were such chickens.

  24. I’ve just returned from skiing at -15c, my testicles are definitely shirking.

  25. better get mrs beaverboosh on the job quick smart

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