cranial capacity

nursemyra has been reading “Medicine Simplified” by R V Pierce MD. the good doctor puts me in mind of a character you might meet while in the company of Lord Likely.


this is what he has to say about brain size and his belief that it differs from race to race as well as between professions.

Swedes, 100.00
Anglo-Saxons, 96.60
Finns, 95.00
Anglo-Americans, 94.30
Esquimaux, 86.32
North America Indians, 84.00
Native Africans, 83.70
Mexicans, 81.70
American Negros, 80.80
Peruvians and Hottentots, 75.30
Australians, 75.00
Gorilla, adult, 34.50
Idiot, 22.57


The brain of Cuvier, the celebrated naturalist, weighed 64.33
Ruloff, the murderer and linguist, 59.00
Dr. Spurzheim—phrenologist, 55.06
Celebrated philologist, 47.90
Celebrated mineralogist, 43.24
Upholsterer, 40.91


He also has some interesting theories about exercise.


Base Ball, Cricket, Boxing, and Fencing, are all manly exercises when practiced solely with a view to their hygienic advantages and as such have our approval

If one were asked what athletic exercise deserves to be the most popular in America to-day, the answer would of necessity be cycling. The bicycle is being used by people of all ages and conditions; its hygienic value as a means to healthy exercise cannot be overestimated. In spite of the quickened motion of the heart, rarely have riders been known to grow giddy or show symptoms of cardiac embarrassment.


Dancing. Notwithstanding the fact that dancing has been perverted to the basest purposes, has been made the fruitful source of dissipation, and has often laid the foundation for disease, it is yet capable of being made to minister to health and happiness.


if you’d like to see more of this teaser in a tutu go here but make sure you’re only motivated by health and happiness. there’s no telling when “cardiac embarrassment” might rear its ugly head…..

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  1. I wonder how many ounces a cunning linguist would weigh in at?

  2. My Uncle JC is an upholsterer. So, I must concur with the good doctor’s findings. His reduced capacity certainly explains a lot of inconsistencies.

  3. There is no room for giddyness when it comes to the pursuit of manly exercises.

    And as well as dancing, the good nurse is also an excellent source of dissipation.

  4. Re the bicycle advice…. no wonder there are no signs of growing giddy. Have you ever ridden a bike after a long, long time then got on it the next day to try again …. screaming in agony yes giddy noooooo!!

  5. I fear that my brain atrophies a wee bit each time I enter my place of employment…

  6. 70s stop! I’m flooded with memories of horse camp … !

  7. tNb feel the pain lol 🙂

  8. “…dancing has been perverted to the basest purposes…and has often laid the foundation for disease”

    Yes, the evils of dirty dancing. Shameless hussies, grinding wantonly against the turgid loins of of randy young men…

    um. i’ll be right back…

  9. At least you guys have gorillas and idiots beat. 😉

  10. I see you also inhabit the depths of “” 🙂

    It has certainly grown since I first met it a decade ago – – –

  11. Oh god… ah erk, cardiac embarassment… Of course the only reason I’m going to look at the ballerina is for health and happiness, much happiness.

  12. ok alex, but don’t forget to come back here after you’ve had your fill of “happiness”

  13. cardiac embarrassment…..what is that exactly?

  14. dicky ticker ?


  15. I am sure I do not recall allowing this doctor to use my image on his book’s cover.

    Needless to say, he shall be hearing from my lawyers, Grabbit and Runn.

  16. I think you have a good case. though he did try to throw us off the scent by omitting your Lord Palmerston

  17. I’ve always suspected this about Australian upholsterers.

  18. I’ll be avoiding them in future…..

  19. […] image […]

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