friday: lust, caution

this week’s friday photographs are dedicated to my friend jahsonic. lust, caution is my favourite film so far for 2008. I don’t think he liked it quite as much as I do but he’s a discerning culture buff with a very interesting blog and I highly recommend a visit.

lust-caution-012.jpg lust-caution-003.jpglust-caution-011.jpg

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  1. I had a little bet with myself it would be a ‘boob’ post …… tee hee

  2. Dark hair and white neck – what every vampire dreams about.

  3. You have made this Good Friday distinctly more than good, my dear Nurse!

  4. lovely asian design!

  5. I’ve got quite a few cheongsams as well as three ao dais. think I must have been asian in another life 🙂

  6. Thanks for a great start to the day, NM!

  7. Dear nurse,

    I’m flattered that you have dedicated this most enticing series to Jahsonic.

    Hugs and kisses from Belgium.


  8. Absolutely lovely, as always.

  9. […] to good to be true Can’t keep my of off you You‘d be like heaven to touch, Ooh I want to so […]

  10. Another well-rounded post. Mmmmmm.

  11. Very nice indeed.

  12. Lust…I’ll say.

  13. And the rose is the perfect touch –

  14. Stunning as ever dear NM 🙂

  15. Hi Luka, welcome to the gimcrack. you have a fantastic blog

    uncle keith: don’t forget the ‘caution’ part

    archie: yes, I wonder if the manufacturer thought of it that way too

    70steen: thanks darlin’ (still got those lovely pink streaks in your hair?)

  16. nice rack, nursemyra.

  17. thanks trixie. nice to see you back at the gimcrack

  18. they are fading but still there 🙂
    Booked for a re do in May

  19. It’s been said that one must stop and smell the roses. And I believe I could smell those roses all day long.

  20. and today they are smelling of “In the Library” by Christopher Brosius

  21. o.mi.god, scented with In the Library….i’d quite like to bury my head in your book, nursemyra.

  22. yes, the smell of Russian and Morroccan leather bindings does it for me too

  23. That’s just beautiful. You are an inspiration to lingerie collectors everywhere.

  24. hey thanks raincoaster. I’m moving house in a couple of weeks and I’m going to have to sell off part of my collection.

    my son and I are holding a “garage sale” next weekend. am rather wondering if I should put R18+ in the advertising flyer 🙂

  25. Goodness … I should have such dedications 🙂

  26. Mouth watering goodness as always nursemyra. I’ll be sending you my address shortly. Thanks for the well wishes.

  27. You know Jahsonic? He runs the best website for music ever!! I’ve been a fan of his since the interwebs started. Oh nursey, I’m most impressed.

  28. oh I don’t know him in the flesh, just through online conversations. and once he was kind enough to offer me a guest spot with a movie recommendation which was very flattering.

    he has wonderful taste in music, art, books……

  29. In the Flesh


  30. xxxxx

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