interview with a carnie


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nursemyra has been reading “Freaks: Myths and Images of the Secret Self” by Leslie Fiedler. according to the cover blurb it’s a ‘fascinating and sensitive exploration of human freakishness and what it means in our waking and subconscious lives’

it’s full of fabulously interesting stuff such as this excerpt from a 1972 interview with a transsexual carnie:

“you put a piece of kleenex around the penis, just back of the head and cinchknot with 3/4 inch elastic. bring all your equipment down between your legs and push your testicles up into the stomach then bring everything else as tight as you can up between the crack of your ass. tie the elastic again so there’s another knot at the base of your spine and the remaining elastic goes round your waist.


you can show absolute nakedness except you have to wear a back panel. the gaff with the elastic makes the appearance of a vagina. the bag, which is now empty, brought forward, produces the lips of the vagina. I’ve had men kiss it and never know the difference.”

that last sentence makes you think twice doesn’t it? according to Fiedler’s research, such a device could be endured for no more than 20 minutes at a time.


ok boys, time to uncross your legs now. you probably want to let it all hang loose for a while after reading that. so here’s a fashion idea that’s less constricting…..


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  1. rofl those trousers .. how ‘special’ are they 😀

  2. Just doing some experimenting ………… ooooo, I’m looking goooooood

  3. oh no! I really don’t want that mental image

  4. Skiing in -15c all morning achieves a similar result. Mr. Happy plays the ostrich game and the boys are kissing Johnny O. It takes an hour in the sauna for my balls to drop.

  5. A lesson in hiding your candy on an Easter morning! How appropriate! Hop to it…

  6. Push your testicles up into your stomach? Really?

  7. And then you can dance around your basement like Buffalo Bill in Silence of the Lambs. “Would you fuck me? I’d fuck me… I’d fuck me hard…”

  8. I have a transsexual friend who told me about something similar years ago. The reason some transsexuals can perform this little trick is that their genitals have been shrunken by years of estrogen therapy.

    Life is full of interesting weirdness, isn’t it?


  9. Nurse,
    Really really wish I could read the fine print on that last one, the cock o’ the walk. Heelarious!

  10. The pants are an OK idea, but some of us don’t want the general public knowing how we REALLY feel about that skirt you’re wearing.

  11. Those instructions are waaaaay to complicated & mindboggling for me….good thing I won’t be needed them!
    Happy Easter Nursie – may your basket runneth over with lots & lots of goodies! 🙂

  12. Nursey girl. Hah. First off Happy easter 🙂

    These days it’s easier to just buy a pair of gaffs. 🙂

  13. I’ve been wanting to read that Fiedler book for some time now. Also, I suspect that the 20th century illustration you included is Leone Frollo, or, Franco Saudelli. They are both very good.

    In the pre-internet days, me and my brother used to visit shops all over Europe when we were on holidays to gawk at this comic-eroticism stuff.

  14. hi Jan, the illustraion is by Frollo and I borrowed my copy of the book from our local library.

    they must be amassing quite a dossier on me now 🙂

  15. Well, another episode of “I won’t be walking right at the mere thought of THAT post . . .”

  16. maybe you should prepare yourself before a visit to the gimcrack. with a cupped hand around the testicles for protection perhaps?

  17. I’m thinking more about polite demurrement when you approach with that roll of elastic . . .

  18. hahaha… can always rely on you for a witty comeback

  19. Beats having my undercarriage retracted

  20. I was going to say I used to work at a carnival, but after that post; I’m just going to take a shower.

  21. Ouch.

  22. I read something similar from The Lady Chablis in that John Berendt book on Savanna, Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil. But the line about men not knowing the difference: yeah, none of them were looking for the happy button, were they? I swear, might as well give some of these guys an old soup can filled with a half-deflated water balloon and they’ll be perfectly happy for the rest of their days.

    I see the painkillers have made me bitter.

  23. like the rest of us 🙂

  24. The American way *might* be better, I don’t actually know, I’ve only screwed those on the N. American continent so far. Me thinks I should call my travel agent.

  25. I’m scared now…

  26. there, there… try not to think about it…..

  27. […] back here, nursemyra showed you a picture of Eldridge Cleaver’s unsuccessful attempt to revive the codpiece. perhaps if he’d used an attractive chick in the ad he may have had more success…… […]

  28. […] Here’s a Bonanza tutorial about how to tuck your nutsack (should the need arise) and a nursemyra one for good […]

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