another research project

there are some very strange looking condoms on the market these days. nursemyra likes to promote safe sex but I’m not sure putting an alien space craft on your penis is the way to go. you don’t want your object of desire laughing at you


I’m not afraid of trouser snakes but that’s because I know how to milk them. the snake pictured below is not of the trouser variety so I’d be rather wary of attempting to handle it. would you trust this condom to offer the right sort of protection?


george from elite fitness (no, this is not a paid ad) is recommending a spiral condom.

the curves of the spiral shaped head of the condom, create a sliding sensation all around the head of the penis. The loose fit at the tip of the condom allowed the nerve endings to remain at their most sensitive, while the friction caused by the extra moving latex produced additional sensation.


they look weird but he makes them sound interesting, almost like they mimic the action of a foreskin which might be a plus for the circumcised man. I feel like my many research projects are incomplete because I have only slept with circumcised men so I get a biaised view when I ask their opinion on these matters.

luckily, I have research subjects close at hand, one of the many perks of having given birth to a homo. my hetero son shys away from nursemyra’s questionnaires but J. and his boyfriend are always keen to help in the name of science


after (ahem) raising this issue, I was gratified when J. thanked me for his uncircumcised appendage. to be honest, back then, I wasn’t sure what was the right thing to do and allowed myself to be guided by medical opinion. I think subconsciously I had a leaning towards penises that were cut because that was what I was used to, not really a valid reason for chopping bits off my newborn.

so I’m interested in reader’s opinions. if you/your partner were to give birth to a baby boy tomorrow, would you have him circumcised and if so, why?


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  1. If I gave birth to a baby boy I’d radically circumcise myself……….and have quite a few questions about most of my life.

  2. Its such great fun cleaning it… why ruin it for the little tacker.

  3. Tomorrow??? But I have lunch plans for tomorrow!

  4. kyknoord – see you then. maybe if we get busy fast?

  5. I’m NEVER having a baby – apparently they tke nine months to download!

  6. That picture is a frightful representation of circumcision, nursie … you don’t mind if I have my (hypothetical) son’s penis de-cloaked elsewhere, do you? *shudders*

  7. absolutely not! it’s mutilation in the name of religion. it’s painful and it’s medically not without risks. i too have an uncircumcised son (by the way, i think he’s gay, although i feel that it’s way too early to tell for sure!).

  8. congratulations trixiebelden. only the lucky ones get gay sons!

  9. yes, i’m hoping that i’m right!

  10. Circumcision isn’t natural. I think I’d go with uncut.

  11. Smegma is one of my favourite words. 🙂

  12. we had my first son snipped (although the doctor must have been against it, because he barely took of any skin). at the time my ex and i weren’t sure, and after seeing the pain afterwards for the poor baby, we went uncut for the next two boys. Ironically, our second son had a kidney reflux condition (that has since resolved) and so it would have been better off to circumcise…I’m glad we went au natural…
    off topic…i posted a reply to you tipping question…

  13. I cannot believe that there’s something penis-related that our good Nurse hasn’t experienced yet!

    To answer your hypothetical question, uncut.

    And I’m still chuckling at the trouser snake term.

  14. I’d never want my son to be a turtle. Uncut is nasty.

  15. There are several reasons (medical and otherwise) to have your son (or yourself) circumsized.

    The Benefits of Male Circumcision

    thanks for the link Wormbrain. interesting to note that the doctor who wrote it was circumcised as an adult. so was my GP – though unlike this author, my doctor regretted it.

    • Lies lies lies lies lies NO benefit to circumcision NO aids prevention or any of that garbage that one is told about it. Foreskin is there for a reason TO PROTECT THE PENIS if it wasn’t needed would it be there at all???

  16. Hmmm. I did NOT get my son circumsized when he was born. However,when he was five he was unable to retract his foreskin and the pediatrician recommended an operation called a “lateral dorsal slit,” which was, he said, easier and less traumatic for the child than circumcision, and effective in 80% of cases. Unfortunately for my son it was both traumatic and ineffective and had to be followed up with a circumcision after all.

    Twenty-one years later, my son still says the day of his circumcision was the worst and most painful day of his life. I wish, in retrospect, that I’d gotten him circumcized as an infant – at least he wouldn’t remember the pain.

  17. This is precisely why I’ve left breeding to those with informed opinions.

  18. My daughter still bugs me because she wants a gay little brother. Neither my plumbing nor my son are cooperating! Considering adoption…

  19. I think I would make the judgment call when I saw it. If it was a full blown plantain, I would have it reduced, just to keep down the risk of complications. That being said, I really don’t like the idea of anyone messing with nature. Then again, due to poor decision making and passionate debates in bars, I have some teeth that aren’t exactly biogenic. So I am a hypocrite.

  20. Well, I also have plans for tomorrow, but if I didn’t, circumcising a baby wouldn’t be one of them. I thought it was one of those time/place ‘in fashion’ medical procedures for that were around for awhile, kind of like how almost an entire generation of children (about my age) had their tonsils removed.

    Most men I know who were circumcised wish they hadn’t been. Is it really still done as often as, say, 30-50 years ago?

  21. Given that one of my presidential candidates is looking at a hundred-year reich and the other two don’t know their respectives asses from a hole in the ground, I’d go with circumcision to minimize hygienic concerns in other foreign places if conscripted.

  22. A few points, my good nurse.

    You might have slept with an uncircumcised penis. The only way to tell if a todger is capped or uncapped is to see it limp. There are many penises with which I am very, very familiar, which I have never seen flaccid. Their owners are just terribly horny chaps.

    I am uncircumcised because my dad was intact, and he was also a cheapskate. That said, I simply cannot imagine life without my foreskin. Just as an experiment, as a teen, I tried wearing the skin rolled up for a day, just to see what it would be like to be circumcised. It was like drawing one’s fingernail across a chalkboard, but with a dick and sandpaper.

    You might find this blogpost instructive.

    Blog-wise, dicks provide much inspiration and form a recurring theme.


  23. “I’m not afraid of trouser snakes but that’s because I know how to milk them.”

    That’s a very sexy statement, Nursie. Being a nurse, I bet you could give a man calm precise instructions on how to please you.

  24. Only one way to decide matters like this… coin toss.

    And if I somehow did sire a male offspring, I would name him Snake.

  25. YES – but really, it’s a matter of personal taste. 😉

  26. who cares as long as it does what it says on the tin!!! 😉

    perfect answer 70s!

  27. I’m cut, as is my son. I haven’t asked whether he and his companion plan to have my grandson circumcised.

    Personally, I’m happy to be cut. Much easier to keep clean and free of nasty odors.

  28. Circumcised, definitely.

    Health reasons.

    Plus the whole “because we’re Jewish and we’re better than you according to G-d” thing…

    Okay, that last part was tongue-in-cheek so don’t get all in a lather folks.

  29. I think of my mom/parents every time I see my cut cock.

  30. God, that’s horrible, mps2. If I thought of my mother every time I saw my cock, I would long ago either have killed myself, or been driven stark, raving mad.

  31. I’d get him a convertible so if the sun is shining, the top can be down, but the minute it starts raining, he can put it back up.

  32. hahahaha… that’s pretty funny

  33. Hey, nursey! Thanks for the comment on my pics.

    I didn’t book any of my kids in for an appendectomy as newborns so why would I do so for circumcision? Why circumcise my sons and not my daughter?

    As for the ‘it’s cleaner’ argument, ffs! How many seconds of a life does it take to pull back and de-cheese in the shower, guys? Send thanks that your junk isn’t all tucked up inside and needs you to take the shower head off to attain basic hygiene!

  34. hey angelalala, great comment and thanks for dropping by. love the “ffs!”

  35. I’m uncircumcised, and I can tell you that the skin you’re removing, if you’re for removing it, isn’t “just a bit of skin” it’s *identical* to your eyelids, in sensitivity and thickness… except for eyelashes… wouldn’t it be weird if you had lashes there?

    I’m very grateful that I kept mine, it’s not gross, people who say that need to grow up.

    Some people freak that their son cannot retract the foreskin before puberty, but most boys can’t because it’s attached to the tip of the penis till around puberty. mine was, it’s fine now, wellI hope it is, I’m 43 now.

    Never had a problem.

    And as more kids are left uncut, the cut ones will be the weird ones. 🙂


  36. How do cut men know, that it’s *easier to keep clean* if they’ve never had skin? Have you been washing someone elses penis?


  37. I wish 😉

  38. I wouldn’t, because I hear the sensation is better without having been circumcised, and because there’s no evidence suggesting a medical benefit to it, so why take the risk that a surgery would provide, when he doesn’t get anything from it.

  39. Okay, sure, it’s an old article, but since you sent me here I say quite simply that no. I would not and did not have my son circumcised. Primarily, I just don’t think it’s right for a parent to make this decision for someone who may wish they hadn’t. Once it’s done, it’s done. So, if he wants to mutilate his genitals later in life, he’ll have plenty of opportunity.

    Wish my parents had given me this decision.

  40. Go Here to see why you shouldn’t circumsize your baby
    also im not preaching for the muslim faith the site is just very detailed

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