pied piper

we’ve got rodents at the gimcrack again. I thought we’d taken care of that problem but apparently they had second cousins or great grandchildren and they’re looking to take over the estate. nursemyra does not intend to let that happen


I was considering the air rifle route though it might damage the pelts and make them unsaleable. they’re not welcome at the gimcrack but you’d be surprised the uses other people have found for them


it’s not only the chinese who eat rodents, the french are also fond of them though theirs is a river variety. I won’t show you any pictures but you can read the recipe for Rat Stew a la Francaise here

rat art interests me more than rat food. I’d never thought of making accessories from our furry friends but Kristopher Paetau has done exactly that. I rather like the look of the shoes but don’t fancy a rat poking its head around my bottom. still, the photo shoot is very interesting and the models look like they’re having fun.


I didn’t play the movies so I can’t comment on them but scroll on down to see Suzane’s pics. you may get more than you bargained for.


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  1. Very biblical. Do you have a plague of boils planned next?

  2. Ahh, beavers with skinny tales 🙂

  3. Just going somewhere private to check on some things …..

  4. Excellent post! I wonder if they’ve had anything to do with this?

  5. wlecome to the gimcrack WQ. I must admit your blog name threw me for a moment. I thought you were from Western Queensland Australia 🙂

  6. Where are the PETA people? Why do they only care about protecting cute animals? I wouldn’t wear a rat-hat, but the shoes are fetching.

  7. love the Rough on Rats label. what an image!

    though intended to be funny, these breakfast food labels
    are quite imaginative: here, here and . 🙂

  8. there are 3 links. the last “here” didn’t make it. click on the period following “and”. sorry about that.

  9. Perhaps you should consider this Webley instead . . .


  10. Nah, bash ’em on the head with a spiked club – that’s how they get all those undamaged baby seal pelts.

  11. You are straying dangerously close to that felching post we were discussing.

  12. Great post as always, but I have to say never in a million years would I have thought to make apparel out of rats. You learn something new everyday I guess..

  13. that’s my hospital motto rivergirl. learn something new every day at the gimcrack 🙂

  14. Nursemyra with a rifle… that has possibilities. Casual and Armed Fridays? It’s got a strange appeal for the American audience.

  15. awww I watched ‘Ratatouille’ last night he was so cute!! As for the drove of rats … it sent shivers eek

  16. Try reading The Amazing Maurice and his Educated Rodents by Terry Pratchett. Pure joy from start to finish.

  17. I agree with renalfailure. wearing these rat accessories and posing with a rifle on friday will win over many Americans. at least those who support hunting and gun rights. LOL.

  18. Your bottom would be wasted on a rat Nursie. Their paws aren’t big enough to do it justice.

  19. Watch Caddyshack, Bill Murray has a number of excellent methods for dealing with rodents!

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