casual t shirt friday


murderess-003.jpg murderess-011.jpg

this one is dedicated to renalfailure

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  1. Do you have a Braille version?

  2. yes. get on a plane and I’ll show it to you.

  3. What a pretty pair …….

  4. your pictures bring tears to my eyes, o thou murderess.

    heartbreaker! incubus!

    angel of mercy and enslaver of souls!

    to die in your arms would be such sweet release.

  5. hey, what’s the tat, nursemyra?

  6. If that were dedicated to my kidneys, they’d be speechless too.

  7. Ladies and Gentlemen, nursemyra is killin’ ’em in Sydney!

  8. Trixie saw it first, but I instantly wanted to ask – let’s see the tat! 🙂

  9. TGIF!!!

  10. i have an incurable case of FIMD.

  11. what’s FIMD tobymark?

    the tattoo reads Hoa Binh with accents over the two vowels. the accents tell you it is said with a rising tone (vietnamese is a tonal language).It’s pronounced “wha bin” and means Peace. there is a gold star above which represents the vietnamese flag. I worked in Vietnam for 3 months in 2005, 2006 and 2007. It’s a really beautiful country.

  12. foot in mouth disease

  13. haha 🙂

  14. *Fans self and goes for a sit down*

    Very fetching, Nurse Myra. Very fetching indeed.

  15. I am truly am a lucky, lucky man. Thank you my murderess.

    My t-shirt picture will be up soon. It will not be nearly as sexy as this.

  16. did you get the tat in vietnam, nursemyra?

  17. check this out, sweetie-pie 🙂

  18. trixiebelden: no, I wasn’t quite that game. I had it done at Inner Vision in Sydney

    tobymarx: that site is great! really, you’ve got to start another blog for these things, they’re wasted in a comments section.

  19. Best picture yet, simple is always the sexiest.

  20. Goddamn. All I got.

  21. I recognize that t-shirt! You were wearing it when you got the tat, IIRC?

  22. ah anaglyph – correct again – as usual 🙂

  23. I glad I didn’t miss this one. Love it. Very hot.

  24. If I could be murdered by anyone, I should like it to be by your fair hand, m’dear.

    Or even better, your splendid breasts.

  25. come over here and say that 🙂

  26. My computer was down on Friday. So, I didn’t get to see this till now. That picture might have brought the computer up. Because it got everything else up!

  27. wow! I didn’t know my power worked on computers too

  28. Wow…people and their issues sure are complicated.
    Gosh their great

  29. thanx animar!

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