more safe sex

I’m still amazed by the variety of condoms out there. I’ve not yet broached the subject of sex with Duc, our transgendered patient, but I’d like to be prepared should the occasion arise. this one comes in a pretty shade of green, (not a colour I’d previously associated with penises), and has a baffling chingrish name.


poor Duc is unlikely to get many offers as nature has not been kind to her. recently 70s posted a youtube of kenny everett as Cupid Stunt sporting an impressive pair of breasts. they were certainly eye catching and could well provide some necessary distraction


transexuals arouse the erotic attentions of many and it’s the term that’s at the top of my search engine results every day. while many male to female transexuals are very beautiful, it’s less common for those who are transgendered and curiosity about them is often more prurient than erotic


the best chance Duc has of getting laid is if she stumbles across a myopic, hearing impaired gent who’s unlikely to be too alarmed by a baritone voiced and beer bellied “lady”. it might help if they avoid too much foreplay and get down to business as quickly as possible. like pronto!

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  1. Spearmint-flavoured all day suckers? May not be my favourite but I’m sure there must be someone here who would enjoy.

    Be quite, Daddy P!

  2. I’m a big fan of Durex myself…

  3. I’ve just posted that commercial to my FB (and credited you) because I think I’ve subconsciously wanted these particular condoms since I was 16.

    Now, if I was only having sex … 😦

  4. guess a 16 year old needs one to get the cap on the adolescent volcano before it blows. i’d pay money to see someone do it one handed – like cracking an egg!

  5. I had the exact same thought as Daisy–now THAT wuld be a viral video!

  6. HAHA! “Prrrronto-condoms!” Hopefully he doesn’t EVERYTHING that quick!

    (Is my site still slow Nursie?)

  7. Funny that “transgender” is your top search term for your blog. Mine is always some variation on “porn.” I’m guessing those people are rather disappointed when they click on my site.

  8. How much money are we talking about for that kind of one handed show? Those pronto condoms have me very intrigued. But isn’t half the fun the ackward fumbling?

  9. What’s a condom? Is it a Dom that cons people? Sounds like a slippery character to me ………

    Mint anyone?

  10. I have trained a white-faced capuchin monkey to put my condoms on. This allows me to use both hands to keep the lucky lady from escaping.

  11. And then there is a Chocolate Flavoured Condom. The ad for it is too funny. here

  12. Wow pretty nifty!!! Love to see him do that whilst rolling around the bed in the throws of passion… lab conditions always make it look easy!
    (thank you for the link dear NM 😀 )

  13. uncle keith – the monkey puts on your condom? I’d think he’d wear a couple sizes smaller…

  14. Yes, you’d think that.

  15. hey uncle keith why don’t you come to spain with daisyfae and me? sevilla won’t know what hit it!

  16. That pronto condom is cool! I can do without the already mentioned “awkward fumbling”. Though, in the video the condom left no room. No “reservoir tip” to catch the next generation.

  17. @70’s – I didn’t notice the Labrador in the ad. Just what condition was he in?

  18. you’re scraping the barrel now archie 🙂

  19. mmmm lol 🙂

  20. hey 70s, will you chastise him or will I?

  21. Ooooeeerrrrr – how about both of you chastising me?

  22. only if Buff joins in 🙂

  23. This Kamasutra Pose is yet another cautionary tale.

  24. Who’s ‘Buff’??? 🙂

  25. isn’t that Archie’s wife’s name?

    or do you mean which of us has a buff bod?

  26. great image Guessworker 🙂

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