unschooled friday

the chaplain asked me where I was going for my holidays in two weeks time. “Spain” I replied just as one of our patients, Mrs M, was walking past. “Spain?” said the chaplain. “hmmm…. that was a very popular destination in the 1940s”

“Me too!” said Mrs. M. “I was also a very popular destination in the 1940s….”

now why would nursemyra ever want to work anywhere else? I think Mrs. M could teach me a thing or two. signing up for her classes today!


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can I get a witness?

nursemyra has been researching radionic devices. I like the look of this “very astonishing” Salomon board

Because a patient’s data is measured in the form of frequencies, a bit like radio waves, it is not essential for patient and practitioner to be in the same place. Normally if a practitioner has a “witness” sample, usually a specimen of a patient’s hair or handwriting, it is quite possible to make a diagnosis. Using the unique frequencies found in a person’s witness samples, the actual person can be pinpointed and analysed at a distance.

Once a medical problem has been detected it is equally possible to transmit radionic healing vibrations back to the patient.

The rmf phyton is another amazing insrument. its chiblock features 8 minor scalar coils arranged in magnetron comfiguration with 3 major scalar generator assemblies and 1 orgone screamer scalar coil assembly, a main Meta-Mind proprietary scalar and linear coil assembly wound around a handpicked specially selected Single Terminated collimating crystal with hugh voltage chiblock pulser (no puny 5 or 8 volt pulsers). 

what does all this mean? nursemyra is not sure but according to the website “even a small glimmmer of hope of your wish will be amplified astronomically”

personally I’d want to hold out for the extras like an upcoming Meta-Mind Psionic Amplifying Helmet which will assist you to make contact with disembodied entities (dead people)!

Or maybe experiment with the screamer to send lusty dreams to your friends. Set the trend circuitry to “Cause Uncontrollable Lust.”  Plug in the audio of your dvd/vcr player (playing hetero or gay porn)  and visualise your target moaning uncontrollably.

if you’re at all sceptical about the power of the RMF Phyton this link takes you to a picture of it which you can cover with your hand to feel the energy pouring out though sometimes the machine pictured is turned off for various reasons.

oh, and by the way, once you receive your fabulous machine in the post, don’t forget to utilise the “World Peace” function too. that’s if you can drag yourself away from the “Cause Uncontrollable Lust” button.

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a dose for the nose

people have long had the idea that the nose is somehow connected with genitalia. the most common misconception is that men with large noses are also well endowed in the trunk department, a story possibly started by men with large noses who were having trouble getting laid.

there were conflicting ideas about whether or not having sex was good for a cold. one school of thought supported the idea that nasal discharge could be dried up with a dose of sexual intercourse, another advised men to “abstain from warmth and women” at the first sign of a cold or catarrh. sex releases adrenaline which increases blood flow to muscles and opens up the airways. it also shrinks mucous membranes reducing congestion so temporarily at least it could dry up a runny nose. or you could try this method for clearing out your blocked nasal passages……

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don’t try this at home

enemas have been around for a very long time. during the 17th century, Holy Water enemas were used to exorcise devils from possessed nuns and tobacco smoke was sometimes used to resuscitate persons who had apparently drowned.

French fondness for the administering of enemas was at an all time high during the reign of Louis XIV the Sun King. As with the Personal Fitness Trainer of today, wealthy nobility were visited daily. Typically, two or more pharmacists, known as the limonadiers des posterieurs, literally “lemonaders of the rear end” ( who worked out of fashionable chemist’s boutiques) would arrive with a smorgasbord of enema syringe tips and aromatic mixtures.

Some special enemas were known to increase sexual potency. The “high” men and women enjoyed was probably linked to the fact that the most popular rejuvenating enema was the tobacco enema. With the nicotine being absorbed directly through the bowels this produced both a “rush” and an addiction.

Initially the enemas contained a solution of tobacco, but later craftsmen constructed an “enema pipe” by which the lemonader blew smoke into his client’s bowels. This was rectal smoking.

enema fetishism is alive and kicking in the 21st century. air enemas are popular with those who wish to experience the feeling of a full colon without having to inject themselves with 2 quarts of fluid

(1)   You can use a  bulb syringe   and inject bulb after bulb of air into your rectum until you are completely filled.(2)   You can remove the hose from your enema bag and insert the nozzle into your rectum and then blow air into your rectum and colon until you achieve that full feeling.(3) If your syringe is a  multi-use water bottle, enema bag, douche, fountain syringe You inflate the bag with air then clamp off the tubing, insert the nozzle into your rectum, release clamp and squeeze the bag.(4)  A syringe that works excellent for an Air Enema is the Smooth Flow Syringe and Hose System in Silicone This easy to use, quality syringe allows you to place the nozzle end of the syringe into anus and pump as much air as you can hold

regular readers know I’ve mentioned enemas several times before





so this might give some the erroneous impression that nursemyra is partial to enemata. I see more than enough medical procedures at the gimcrack and have no desire to bring work home. the only enema bags you’re likely to see hanging off nursemyra are these cute little bronze earrings from Luna Parc

aren’t they adorable?

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sex aid of the week…… massage glove with vibrating fingers

back in Galen’s time (129-200), medical texts record how manipulation to orgasm was the standard treatment for “women’s diseases”. it was common for a physician to perform vaginal and vulval massage to benenfit his patients.

In 1660, Dr. Nathaniel Hawthorne wrote about this type of service which his profession routinely provided, describing the skill required as not unlike “that game where children try to rub their stomachs with one hand and pat their head with another”. vulval massage to orgasm was a staple medical practice by the end of the 19th century, with some doctors recommending women come in for “treatments” on a weekly basis.

by 1906 exhausted physicians had a helping hand in the form of Vibration Therapy. women could now purchase a $5 portable vibrator rather than pay $2 a week for a visit to their doctor. advertisements sold machines with the promise of “30,000 thrilling, invigorating, penetrating, revitalising vibrations per minute”.

hmmm…. almost as exciting as nursemyra’s Sex Aid of the Week: massage gloves with “45,000 vibrations per minute” fingers!

I wonder if these would be good for my sore back…….

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tackling the tingu

***The Sambia believe that semen is all important to human life but is in short supply, and must therefore be circulated through people, both males and females, very carefully. Women and men, the Sambia believe, are born with an internal organ called a tingu that secretes their sexual substance. The poor old male tingu is born shriveled and dry and its ability to produce semen is developed slowly through childhood and adolescence, through a certain practice which takes years.

At the age of 7 to 10, Sambia boys are taken away from their mothers to a men’s house in the village, where they will live for the next ten or so years. there they learn the key act by which their maturation is ensured; regular fellatio of an older youth, aged roughly 14-18. the whole point of Sambia initiation is to build up the poor little dry baby tingus of the young boys by feeding them the semen of older, stronger teenagers. Only when they’ve gone most of the way through this process, and have a well-functioning tingu, and know a lot of male secrets, will they be ready for the dangerous but exciting business of mature adult sex with women.

After practicing fellatio several times a week for 3 to 6 years, at around the ages of 13 or 14, the younger boys start to mature physically and sexually as their bodies develop, their sexual organs get bigger, their muscles get stronger, and the Sambians say, in effect, “hey, look, it works; this is why we do it!”

Another 3-4 years after this, at the ages of 17-18, the men are ready to be married. Married couples don’t set up house together. The young man stays in the men’s house, the woman with her family. But they do meet for regular oral sex, the husband now being fellated by his wife, who ingests his semen which is believed to toughen her up. During this first stage of marriage, Sambian males also go on being fellated by younger males, so this is actually a period of bisexuality for them.

For the second part of the Sambian marriage, the couple move in together on a fulltime basis. They experience for the first time “man-woman penis-in-vagina sexual intercourse”. The man is considered strong enough and knowledgeable enough to engage in the work of sex for the purpose of procreating his own children. He must no longer allow younger males access to his nurturing penis, for it will now be a threatening penis, too polluted by sex with women to ever be safe for men again.

*** I’ve just read some of the comments on the link from reddit. Please be aware there is a link to the original article at the very beginning of the post. Just hover your mouse over the words next to the asterisk. Thank you

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shanghai friday

another red corset friday. guess it really is my favourite colour




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who do voodoo

while researching magic spells, nursemyra uncovered Catherine Yronwode’s interesting site: In the African-American hoodoo tradition, as well as in Sicilian folk-magic, menstrual blood served to a man in his coffee or tea is a sovereign recipe for capturing his sexual attention. For women who are not menstruating, their best alternative is to use vaginal fluids gathered after masturbation during the full moon. Urine may also be used in coffee and tea love spells, as a quick substitute for menstrual blood.


 In hoodoo, and in polite Southern speech generally, urine is often called “chamber lye” or “water.” No matter what you call it, one of the oldest root work traditions is for a male gambler to have a female lover urinate on his mojo bag or lucky hand while he is at play. If the gambler and his partner can retire to an alley to perform the act while the game is in progress, so much the better.

Chamber lye can be a vulnerable spot in a man or woman’s periphery. An enemy who gets your “water” can cause grave damage to you by stopping it up in a bottle with red pepper and Graveyard Dirt. The result will be urinary tract problems, ranging from cystitis and nephritis to prostatitis and kidney stones. The only way to take off such a condition is to find the bottle and destroy it, letting the urine run out into a fire.

Conversely, chamber lye has its strengths — a man can use his own urination to cure a case of impotence that was put on him through magic. Peeing on a knife blade and letting the pee run on the ground is one of many methods for accomplishing this.

What can a man do if he suspects or knows that an unscrupulous woman is putting menstrual blood on him?

1) A doctor can perform a purification on the man — such as washing him in a bath of rue herb tea, smoking him with Uncrossing Incense, and then dressing him with Van Van Oil

2) If the man has been rendered impotent by the enemy woman, he can perform a specific spell of his own, such as drawing cross-marks on his penis for nine days or pissing into a red ants’ nest to restore his manhood.

if you must resort to drawing cross marks on your penis I recommend you use a whiteboard marker or the like rather than a chainsaw. the consequences will be a lot less dire.


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a guide to female ejaculation

recently nursemyra was reading about the sexual practices of the Batoro women in Uganda. Tradition dictates that the younger women are taught by village “aunties” to ejaculate. this custom is known as “kachapati” or “spray the wall”

nursemyra is not one of the “between 10 and 68% of” women who have experienced female ejaculation. wow – that is such a widely divergent figure. apparently this state of affairs can be remedied if I follow Jenny’s instructions.  at least they don’t seem quite as complicated as Caitlain’s who recommends you use one hand to penetrate your vagina and make a come hither movement against the g-spot while the other hand is simultaneously used to rub and stimulate the clitoris. even if i do manage to coordinate this manouevre I think my breasts are going to feel a little left out

(I wish I could credit this wonderfully appropriate image but I don’t know who the photographer was, only that it came from a very old movie magazine)

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your corona, my carina

when most aussies hear the word corona they think “toyota” or “beer” when nursemyra hears it she thinks “glans”. women have a urethral glans also, called the carina. many women enjoy having their urethra stimulated, either indirectly through the vagina walls or directly by touching the carina.

nursemyra advises extreme caution with this sort of play, items such as hairpins have been lost risking nasty health complications. please don’t go there.

there are many toys available for male urethral stimulation, this one is called the sperm stopper

this one is more decorative though nursemyra finds it rather unattractive. for the curious and the brave, click on the link, scroll down, then click the picture to see how it looks on.

I’m not sure how this amplifier works but again, if your curiosity is stronger than your stomach, click on the link and you can see one being modelled

apparently it’s ready to be used with the Erostek

I’m a little concerned about the settings one can choose, and the possibility of getting it confused with the remote control for a treadmill or stairmaster. not that I have either of those machines at my place but some readers may. be careful when playing with toys such as these – make sure your partner knows your safe word before you start. and it probably shouldn’t be corona 😉

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