coming out of retirement

the nurse is back! being unable to access my blog for over four weeks has been hellish enough without the added stress of having to break in new staff at the gimcrack. it’s going to take me a while to catch up with everyone’s blogs and to work out why I’m having so much trouble trying to upload images…. did wordpress change everything whileΒ I was away? or am I just rusty?

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  1. They upgraded to a newer version… I see you found a way to upload images though. πŸ˜‰

  2. oh I only managed to do this by default – and it took me an hour and a half! now I can’t remember what I finally did right…..

    I hate change I didn’t initiate myself

  3. You’re back! Oh Frabjous day! Calloo! Callay!

  4. I love a man who talks jabberwocky

  5. [angels – wearing white leather corsets – sing] HALLELUJAH!

    So very glad you’re connected – the wordpress changes have been mildly annoying, but you’ll get there!

  6. Well, smack my ass and call me Sally – look who’s back!

    It’s been too long…

  7. Ah NM my dear friend …… how you have been missed xx πŸ™‚

  8. Welcome home! πŸ™‚

  9. So glad to see you back…the blogosphere has not been the same without our Nurse πŸ™‚
    I am having a hard time too uploading images but I know too well how these upgrading transitions can been a tad difficult πŸ˜‰ will tell the others you are back they will be so pleased x

  10. My sex education has been so neglected because of your hiatus. Thank heavens things can now get back to normal.

    Welcome back!

  11. Those new changes wouldn’t DARE mess with you, would they?

    It’s so good you’re back

    anita marie

  12. Yeehaaa – the Blogipelago just returned to normality –

    Welcome back πŸ™‚

  13. Holy Crap! You’re back!

    Hooray! Hooray!
    It’s the 5th of May
    And dear nursemyra’s
    Back today!

    Smack that ass! Welcome back! πŸ™‚

  14. It’s good to see you, Myra. Welcome back.

  15. It’s good to see you, Myra. Welcome back!

  16. Nursie!! How I have missed you! You need to tell us all about your new place, too … no holding back, we’re all anxious and baited-breath over here πŸ˜€

  17. the new place is a beachside suburb called bronte though we’re not at the beach end. it’s wonderful though, rather like living in the middle of a little village with everything you could possibly need within walking distance.

  18. Welcome back nursie! Good to “see” ya!

  19. wb!

    Bronte always makes me think of wild and windy moors, rather than the beach. Not sure why.

  20. Oh …… have you been away? I had no idea – tee hee

    Public *hugs* and the new improved *blogsnog*

  21. My daily injection – I missed it so.
    Where was the nurse? Where did she go?
    It doesn’t matter. She’s back. Hooray!
    Now I can’t wait. It’s soon Friday…

  22. I love all your poets. What a tribute! Very happy to have you FINALLY back.
    And Happy Cinco de Mayo. Have a shot of tequila on me!

  23. Brill. I add you to my blog list and you disappear. I do hope you are not an ugly bloke.

    Ah no, TBH, am I really that fussy these days?

  24. God I missed you… we all missed you so much. Thank nurseness you are back. Hope all went well but I don’t know how you did it. Did you use a bloggers methadone… were you at a posh clinic… were you handcuffed for days… do tell?

  25. Welcomest back!

  26. Woo-hoo!!! Welcome back to the blogosphere Nursie!

  27. Will DaisyFae be spanking you like that on your trip to Spain? If she isn’t, don’t tell me. At least, I’ll have my imagination.

  28. With Nursemyra back on the ward, it’s going to be a good month… I can feel it. In my pants.

  29. Welcome back Nurse Myra! And just in time for Nurse’s Day tomorrow. Shall we split a flagon of bubbly between us? Maybe tomorrow I’ll tell a turdy story on my blog in honor of Nurse’s Day.

    P.S.Sometimes it’s good to be a newcomer. You never learned the old way, so have no difficulty with the new way. Hint for uploading images. Don’t use the colored thing on the bottom rack, it wants a URL. Use the gray thing on the top rack instead. I think you can either upload something from your computer there, or put in a URL.

  30. And the joyous singing of your minions fill the air at the return of NurseMyra…Welcome back to the ethereal…you did know you had minions, right?

  31. (walks into the room and gives the nurse a big hug and kiss to warmly welcome her back)
    Pictures or not, it’s so very wonderful to see you again.

  32. Hooray, I kept cumming, erh I mean coming back here and to no avail but finally your back. Hope you have lots of spare ideas now from your extended leave of absense.

  33. thank you everybody for the lovely warm welcome back to the world of blogging.

    it’s a mystery to me how I survived so long without you all but the nightmare is over at last *phew*


  34. An exceptionally warm and incredibly moist welcome back to you, dear Nurse!

    It has been far too long, and much too hard without you!

  35. Glad you are back!

  36. I hate change I didn’t initiate myself

    And thus the minions of the interweb hold us all in their thrall. Be afraid.

  37. oh I don’t need any encouragement to be afraid 😦

    what’s with the new avatar?

  38. hey you! I have to fear my reader at work again now… πŸ™‚

  39. it’s all about the fear factor at the gimcrack πŸ™‚

  40. Happy days!

  41. Hey! Welcome back. Moving sucks.. kind of like some of the patients here.

  42. Hi! Great to see you back! As for bottoms I’m beyond hope, as all I can think of when I see ’em is rectal tubes. Take Care!

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