colour me blush

nursemyra loves to research ye olde treatments. during my enforced hiatus from blogging I read up on erythrotherapy which is healing by the colour red.

Folk tradition held that smallpox victims could be helped by the color red (“erythrotherapy”)– a belief that resulted in some of the most curious treatments in the annals of medicine. Sufferers were dressed in red, bathed in red light and plied with red food and drink.

colour therapy still has its adherents today

Build a collection of colored cards so that at times to time you can select a color, focus on it, and restore yourself to a balanced state. Gaze at the color for as long as you feel you need to. Depending on the severity of the imbalance in your energy, it may take as long as one minutes before a sense of irritation begins to be felt as the saturation point for a color’s energy is reached. When you absorb color energy it go, via the nervous, to the part of the body that needs it.

Ascended Master Maha Chohan has a lot to say about colour therapy

Question 1) In a hospital do you think a colour filled environment is necessary? why or why not?
Answer: I am happy to answer your request madam, for color is the next phase of high vibrational healing. the way of viewing color is now old and non-functional. The interior design schools are very behind what the human is in need of. the bodies intelligence percieves color on multi dimentions my dear. On a very deep level of dna, it affects the chromosones and cellular complement. I am sorry you will not find this in books yet.

I’m all for being plied with red food and drink. pass me the campari or pour me a shiraz. I love fresh strawberries with a sprinkling of balsamic vinegar too.

nursemyra’s favourite colour is red and it features in many a corset friday shot. I’ve been trying to persuade our new DON that we should update to a red and white uniform but so far she’s proving hard to convince.

 I guess she’s still viewing colours in the old non-functional way

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  1. Red food is good… good thing your favorite color isn’t blue. Master George Carlin reminded us that there is truly, no blue food.

  2. are you trying to tell me that blue jelly is not natural?

  3. I’m never going to be able to look at a strawberry in the same way again …….. and might feel a tad self-conscious munching one in public.

  4. oh daddyp, please don’t let me put you off strawberries. now that you’re “long in the (one remaining) tooth” they’re probably one of the few foods you can still masticate

  5. When Kylie was in the Alfred with her lump, the rumour going around was that the hospital had to paint her room pink, to assist with her healing.

    I think that was just spite, that rumour.

    Everyone knows that the colour for healing breast cancer is yellow.

  6. Strawberries – I wonder just what my liking for dipping them in chocolate reveals – – –

  7. I love the new uniform!

  8. Gray is my favorite color. Like in the Counting Crows song.

    The last time I had the misfortune of being at a school slated for painting, we spent many long weary faculty meetings discussing the importance of color. We had to choose colors (45 teachers coming to consensus on color scheme – fun times) and in the end, the powers painted the walls the same color they had been.

    another thing we have in common annie, I still really love that song, and the rest of the album: “4 am on a tuesday……”

  9. Well, I guess I am a bit skeptical about the healing powers of colours, but I do subscribe to notions that the colours that surround us can influence our mood (some colours soothe me and some put me on edge). And since our mood has a direct bearing on overall organism health, it probably not too big a stretch to the colour-wellness link. But healing? No, not convinced.

    I, too, would vote for the new uniforms, as pictured.

    @ daisy fae: no natural blue foods? What about spoiled food? Or have I been growing that penicillin on the bread for naught?

    @ anniegirl: Your scenario is not surprising. No two people can ever agree on a colour scheme (unless they’re both Virgo’s), let alone a diverse group of 45.

    Rob, I attended a meeting at head office with 30 other admin staff trying to agree on a uniform – what a pointless exercise. even with 11 of them being virgos (have you ever noticed the preponderance of Virgos in administrative positions?)

  10. Nursey – you just made me laugh out loud – stop it!

  11. It’s the iron in your blood oxidizing that causes arterial blood to be bright red. So on some level, you body really does respond to red. Who know what kind of odd psychological trauma we’ve carried around for years that can change a mood with the color.

    As it turns out, though, a red corset does inspire a certain bloodflow.

  12. That skirt made of Campari bottles wouldn’t be at all practical.

  13. Thanks for reminding me I have some strawberries to eat. And that the Boyo is visiting tonight. I must show him that picture.

  14. What do they say about the therapeutic powers of the color black… more specifically the powers of black vinyl or leather?

  15. Red is such a brilliant colour…. from down and out rage to rich passion … the latter heals all ills 😉

  16. Well said, 70steen.

    I’m all for red, especially raspberries, strawberries and cherries; the edible kind, of course.

    You know, daisyfae, it could be rightly argued that blueberries are indeed blue. Just sayin’…

  17. [pop]


  18. I think red would not have a calming effect on my but throw me into a deeper rage at work where I am usually highly frustrated. However that outfit at the end of this posting….it would send me into a different rage.

  19. @ nursemyra: I haven’t noticed a preponderance of Virgo’s in admin roles per se, but I have noticed that managers, colleagues and co-workers who make the most sense to me are usually Virgo’s.

  20. naturally 🙂

  21. That’s it, I need a red corset. My lovely black one from Agent Provacateur is clearly in need of assistance.

    And I live in hippyville in Cape Town…colour therapy is very in. I’m frequently asked to imagine silver rainbows and pink prisms. Whatever.

  22. a girl can never have too many corsets

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