rosy red friday

in keeping with yesterday’s theme, I’ve chosen to wear red again this friday. obviously not a corset shot but variety is the spice of life…..

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  1. And some varieties are, indeed, spicier than others 🙂

  2. Hmm. I think I might get me some of those. My husband sure will appreciate it. 🙂

  3. hi theresa, thanks for dropping by. i was impressed with your daughter’s packing list 🙂

  4. I do love a goddess in a cardigan – very practical – tee hee

  5. Variety is okay, but I’m also quite fond of cinnamon.

  6. Good I needed a bit of colours today…

  7. Once again, you have taken my breath away and left me near-speechless, you devil.

    Don’t stop! 🙂

  8. i think i’m healed. not sure what i had, but it’s better…

  9. p.s. – Here is a new photo you might like.

    lovely, like all your photos

  10. Mmm. This is much better than a lot of boring political commentary. What was I thinking?

  11. Nice. Verra nice. Seville has no clue what’s going to hit it, does it?

  12. Gosh Nursie….so happy you are back!

  13. Hot darling! When in June?

  14. Red Hot!!!

  15. That has to be the sexiest shirt I’ve ever seen.

  16. My gracious. I’m thinking red is my new favorite color.

  17. oh NM is back in full throttle 🙂

  18. [p.s NM can you tell me how I can stop being a green icon thingy and get back to being my sexy shoe.. you know what a technophobe blonditis gal I am 🙂 ]

    nope, sorry, i can’t help 😦

    any other readers know the answer to this?

  19. Renal, is it a shirt, or a cardigan?

    And if it’s a shirt, isn’t it a blouse?

    Don’t, like, men wear shirts and women wear blouses?

    Now i’m confused.

    I’m pretty sure it’s a cardigan, but it is very thin material for a cardigan…

    I find myself in a cardigan conundrum.

  20. I do believe that set is making me turn a rosy red. (blush)

  21. Oh, and I guess I should ask, is that what they call a twin set?

  22. BBC Headline News: Great Tits Cope Well with Warming.

    As if we didn’t already know this…

  23. Well nursemyra, it’s good to see your safe return from your sabbatical. When you ceased dispensing care I felt at a clinical dead-end like when Marcus Welby MD was taken off TV. Your natural, commonsense approach to patient care, breadth of anatomical knowledge and enthusiasm for nursing has influenced my life to the point where I’m seriously considering a career modelled on your own. Do you get to wear a white cap and cape at the Gimcrack? Like others, I have looked to you for your clear medical advise, and now the frail and infirm can return to your caring arms. Clearly my life is back on track. Magari fosse vero! martino il vesuvio

  24. is marcus welby MD available on dvd yet? if so I now know what to get you for your next birthday. unless you’d prefer Dr. Kildare?

  25. Shirt… cardigan… blouse… whatever it is, it’s the sexiest one ever.

    I’d say go with Trapper John MD but that’s not out on DVD yet.

  26. Oh….oh nursemyra. My blood boils over these.

  27. *boing*

    Dear lawd Nursie, you sure know how to perk up a Monday. Flip.

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