There is a Catalan saying: ‘La mar es posa bona si veu el cony d’una dona’ – ‘The sea calms down if it sees a woman’s cunt’. Moreover, according to folklore, it’s not just the oceans that are soothed by the sight of a woman’s vagina. A flash of female genitalia has the power to calm other forces of nature too. For example, women in the southern Indian province of Madras were known to subdue dangerous storms by exposing themselves.

Outside the western world, anthropological data collected during the last century regarding the people of the Marquesas Islands reveals a similar reverential attitude to female genitalia, albeit with a slight twist. This Polynesian culture credits female genitalia with supernatural influences and these vaginal forces are strong enough to frighten gods or to drive out evil possessing spirits. Hence exorcisms carried out in this part of the world consist of a naked woman sitting on the chest of the possessed.

Just as importantly, vaginal protection can encompass a more nurturing, nourishing influence. Indeed, historical evidence suggests that female genital display can also be about promoting fertility, such as causing plants or the earth to flourish. Up to the twentieth century, belief in this vaginal ability could be seen in the custom of peasant women exposing their genitals to the growing flax, while saying: ‘Please grow as high as my genitals are now.’


 often a brief flash is far more erotic than prolonged exposure. I’m all for calming a stormy sea or helping mother nature out in the garden but sometimes less works as well as more…..

all italicised text taken from “The Story of V” by Catherine Blackledge (2003)

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  1. This knowledge should provide an opening for someone I’m sure.
    [You won a prize!!! Nice to talk to you, however briefly *hugs*]

  2. When I first saw the image of the woman sitting atop the guy I thought that she was a succubus by the look on his face. I’m glad you clarified that…

  3. i’m rather taken with the Catalan saying, and will attempt to drop it into a conversation, perhaps at work tomorrow.
    i understand where the sea’s coming from.

  4. They are truly works of art, capable of bringing man and beast into a state of blessed harmony.

  5. we’re having an exciting tornado season here in the U.S. i’ll take this advice when a 300 mph twister is bearing down on my home – flashing my bits for the greater good to calm the storm.

  6. The goddess Demeter, while seeking her daughter Persephone, was very sad. Her servant Baubo caused her to laugh by exposing her genitals. Otherwise, we would have eternal winter. Although, here in Washington State, it seems this winter will be eternal. Thirty-five degrees Farenheit is not May weather. (That’s almost zero to you Celcius fans. Like the rest of the entire world.)

  7. I’m still reading The Story of ‘O’. I didn’t realise there were so many sequels.

    kyknoord, you crack me up….

  8. These are left overs from some very ancient human behaviours – it is good to know they still existed just a few hundred years ago – I must pull out my copy of The Golden Bough again – it may not be quite this explicit but it does tell of some fascinating ceremonies.

  9. I may submit your entry to my neighbors as evidence of my sanity when questioned as to why, on Saturday mornings, they find me nude in my yard, coaxing my grass to grow…

    -The Rev.

    you have a vagina?!?!

  10. I am sure there must also be some magical association with enormous lady’s bottoms, he says hopefully.

  11. I’m feeling possessed at the moment.

    trust you to come up with a crack like that 🙂

  12. Off topic but I thought a bit of seriuous science was called for


    Apparently there is a lady who gets an orgasm from stroking her eyebrows and another from brushing her teeth.

    doesn’t everyone? 🙂

  13. I am sure one of these days I will get mixed up and post something like that on accounting web or something. I did once ask about claiming massage parlour extras as a tax deduction but I think I got away with it.

  14. mmmmm ? I wonder if it would work when next I am in a heated deep seated wrangle at work, I suppose it is one way to win the debate….. (would love to see their faces lol 😀 )

  15. I know I’m always soothed when I see some female genitalia. It’s better than whatever the pharmaceutical industry can provide. When I see some vag get flashed, my mind mellows out and says “Hey, everything’s going to be all right.”

  16. Oh Jesus Christ on crutches. I think I just wet myself laughing.

  17. jesus christ is on crutches? he should give the nurse a call. I do house visits.

  18. brill news I have just watched
    & Gimcrack is to be put into print …. well done gal 🙂

  19. MdW and nm – can’t he just heal himself? son of god and all that?

  20. I must not qualify as a “Force of Nature” since the sight of female genitalia definitely does NOT calm me…YeeHA!!!

  21. Well, certainly not!

    But, this is Memphis; things don’t exactly work the same here as they do in other places…Figured I’d give it a try!

    I’ll report back with growth results.

    -The Rev.

  22. I have long understood the power of the cunt to calm troubled waters. Nothing silences a raging debate across the boardroom table quicker than a quick flash of lady garden.

  23. “Lady Garden”? I’ve not heard that before but it’s fantastic! will SO be using that from now on

  24. Yeah. Sure.

    “Hey Dad, I was exorcising him.”

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