70% of men don’t know this

since S died in september ’07, nursemyra has not had sex with anyone except herself. we were extremely lucky in that he only became too unwell for carnal pleasures in the last week of his life so this current drought is not something I am used to.

lately I’ve noticed that I am experiencing orgasms while asleep at a much more frequent rate. before celibacy became a way of life, this would happen to me about once a month, now it’s once a week. I’d thought this might be my body’s way of compensating for the sudden lack but according to a dissertation by Franceen King Ph.D, it ain’t necessarily so. below is an excerpt from her writing

Interest in this topic began while testing sample survey questions for a different topic.  The issue of female sleep and dream-related orgasms kept surfacing.  Two respondents reported that they mentioned these occurrences to their male therapists only to be told that the therapists had “never heard of such a thing.”  Subsequent inquiries have revealed that this is not unusual.  An informal survey by this writer suggests that in 2005, approximately 70 percent of men did not know that women could experience sleeprelated orgasms.  It is even more surprising that a significant percentage of women, in excess of 25 percent, lacked this information.

here at the gimcrack we’re all about sharing information. I’m fairly certain that none of my female readers fall into that 25% the good doctor is referring to but maybe there are one or two male readers for whom this is a revelation. so take heed men. if you wake in the night and hear an appreciative sigh or see a little smile hovering around the lips of your sleeping companion you may just be lucky enough to witness la petite mort

 image: Antiope by Antoine Watteau

 then again, if the ‘compensation’ theory is true, it may be time to concentrate on your homework…

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  1. Well well well – I had no idea.

    Now I’m interested to see what your goddess readers say ……….. if any wake up and stop enjoying themselves.

  2. I am erring on the side of ‘compensation theory’ myself
    but the main thing I picked out from F.King P.H.D. is and I quote
    ‘SRFOs appear to be neither unhealthy nor rare.’ Yipeeeeee 😉

  3. Possibly there is a little self protection in the silence on this subject – during the middle ages, women who were molested by incubi were burnt at the stake for having dealings with demons! Of course, if a man was molested by a succubi, then there was a woman to blame and as soon as she was found – yep! She was burnt at the stake as well!

  4. i’m familiar with this – hadn’t given much thought to whether it was “normal” or “common”, but just tried to figure out the situational triggers that could make it happen more often! celibacy seems a key for me as well… perhaps some law of “Conservation of Orgasms”?

  5. my experience is quite the opposite – although it doesn’t happen all that often, i’ve noted that it happens more often when i’m getting lots…it’s like bonus points.

    jeepers creepers trixie! now you’ve made us all envious

  6. No better kind of dream….

  7. It’s news to me.

  8. Oh dear I think I just wet myself. As for that forever sleeping and smiling bitch of a wife of mine…

    oooh a new commenter, we love new voices at the gimcrack, welcome vapour!

    do you have a blog?

  9. Guys get to do that lots as adolescents, but not so much as we get older. We…okay, i…have to be satisfied with just the morning wood (and, for quite often for me, vivid “al…most…there” dreams). Then what, oh what, to do with that wood and that dissipating dream?

  10. Ah! Would that I had homework on which to concentrate. It has been more than 14 years since my last relationship.

    An interesting post, nm. So nice to know that the fairer sex, too, experiences the little death in sleep.


  11. Gnukid: I have a suggestion for you though it may involve a trip to australia

    Tobymarx: after reading gnukid’s comment, I’m thinking perhaps women are luckier than men in that our erotic dreams come to fruition still as we get older. can you shed any light on this, if I take a survey of two? is your experience the same as thegnukid’s?

  12. […searching madly for his passport while on the phone with Qantas…]

  13. Reading your About Me section, and now this post what’s right here, I just want to say how amazing I find this blog. Not that it aint amazing regardless of context, I just reckon you’re doing a brilliant thing. Fact.

    When’s the next saucy shot?

    saucy shots every friday. there’s quite a back catalogue…..

  14. Yes, much the same, sweetheart: almost there dreams with a heightened sense of realness that culminate in waking to the disappointing reality of being all packed up with nowhere to go.

    As it were. 😉

  15. lucky me, pushing 38 and still manage a few of these a year, and gnukid don’t ever waste the morning wood, when get caught in the almost there dreams just do as i do, remain calm, grasp said wood firmly or gently whichever you prefer, in hand, and finish the job, then if you’re lucky enough to not have to go to work go right back to sleep.

  16. Get back to me when you’re pushing 59, kono.

  17. I’m glad I stopped having orgasms in my sleep. I like being conscious for that sort of thing.

  18. In your sleep, I did not know that… maybe you need some one to observe you at nights, I guess since I’m here I might aswell volunteer for that.

  19. Yes, I blog and talk absolute codswallop (always wanted to use that word) over at http://www.onelongminute.com
    Most of the bloggers on the site have deep seated psychological problems but we do have a resident psychologist who is making some great progress with us. With us. With us. With us.

  20. “So what did you do this weekend?”
    “Oh, I had a nice nap…”

  21. I love those dreams. Rare. But delicious.

  22. I hit my stride in my early 40’s and had those kinds of dreams fairly regularly. I’d usually wake up going over the edge so I didn’t miss anything. 🙂 I think the most interesting part is that it doesn’t require any hands or ? to make it happen, thus proving that a woman’s most important sexual organ is indeed her head.

  23. yes!

    excellent point bc 🙂

  24. Like bc, I have enjoyed many a lovely sleep/dream orgasm but been left with the how did that happen? feeling afterward.

    Is it merely a dream replay of the sensation or a real orgasm even without physical touch?

  25. it’s definitely real for me Angelalala

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