your corona, my carina

when most aussies hear the word corona they think “toyota” or “beer” when nursemyra hears it she thinks “glans”. women have a urethral glans also, called the carina. many women enjoy having their urethra stimulated, either indirectly through the vagina walls or directly by touching the carina.

nursemyra advises extreme caution with this sort of play, items such as hairpins have been lost risking nasty health complications. please don’t go there.

there are many toys available for male urethral stimulation, this one is called the sperm stopper

this one is more decorative though nursemyra finds it rather unattractive. for the curious and the brave, click on the link, scroll down, then click the picture to see how it looks on.

I’m not sure how this amplifier works but again, if your curiosity is stronger than your stomach, click on the link and you can see one being modelled

apparently it’s ready to be used with the Erostek

I’m a little concerned about the settings one can choose, and the possibility of getting it confused with the remote control for a treadmill or stairmaster. not that I have either of those machines at my place but some readers may. be careful when playing with toys such as these – make sure your partner knows your safe word before you start. and it probably shouldn’t be corona 😉

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  1. NO THANKS! Once had a cotton bud shoved up there in a, ahem, “clinic”. Painful! As for sperm stoppers, everyone know that the backfire from that will blow your bum off.

    PS Hey you just gave me another idea for my cheap sex aids page, ta!
    PPS No sign of prize yet.

  2. patience my dear. I only posted it on thursday. aren’t you several thousand miles away?


  3. The picture of the serpent ring in use is definitely over the top. Silverstar does believe she has seen more exotica erotica since she has been attending Nurse Myra’s clinic, than in all the days before. And given Barney’s proclivities, that’s saying something.

  4. is this the C spot? i’m underwhelmed by the thought of having my urethra stimulated, i must say. are you taking the p*ss, nursemyra?

  5. I’ve got my eyes closed ….. and that is how they are going to remain …….

  6. […tucks into fetal position, rocks, and whimpers quietly…]

  7. For some reason, all I can think of are candirú fish.

  8. Whew, the erostek is shown as “Not Currently Available”. Thank goodness for that.

    I think I have a prize waiting at my local Post Office – I will pick it up tomorrow.

  9. Right then. That’s me off my pea soup lunch.

  10. My interest is most piqued by the ‘combo’ setting – combo of what?

    In the novel “Miss Smilla’s Feeling for Snow”, there’s a memorable sequence where Miss Smilla intercourses her boyfriend in his urethra with her clitoris.

    She sort of squeezes his glans so that his urethra dilates, and then in goes the tip of her clitoris.

    Imagine that.

    I’m not sure how snow is involved in this procedure if at all

    this is the second time a blogger has mentioned this scene to me. I’ve read the book and I can’t remember it which I find perplexing given my memory for all bizarre sexual things. guess I’m just going to have to reread it

  11. Never follow the links…Never follow the links…

  12. I learn new things every day here x

  13. Candiru, hahaha, very good, Kyknoord!

    Cock rings that encircle the base of the shaft, or the shaft and scrotum, are great, but the tip, just below the glans? Aieeee!

    Thanks for another fun and disturbing post! 🙂

  14. Can I open my eyes yet?

    no daddyp, not yet.

  15. I don’t know where you find this stuff but I’m glad you do. I’m saving those pictures for when I’m miffed with the other half and want to scare him…

  16. Never get out of the boat, absolutely god damn right… and never click the links… unless you were going all the way.

  17. Gives whole new meaning to “I’ll have a Corona with Lime, please”. Not sure what meaning, but i’ll never order one without having visual flashbacks…

    And regarding the Erostek settings? Gotta wonder who in their right mind would set it on “Random”. Oh, wait. If you’re dropping an electrode inside your man-thing, that whole “right mind” thing doesn’t apply, does it?

  18. daisyfae we’ll definitely be drinking coronas together in spain. I so want to see you having flashbacks…..

  19. ‘hands free orgasms with the Corona “Cockhead” Stimulator’ I guess it is handy when driving I suppose?

  20. this one is even more specific to driving 🙂

  21. Ah yes I remember it well… as so much on your wonderful site is etched in my mind lol 😀

  22. Heh. I liked the serpent in situ pic. I am tickled by the idea of a cock looking solemnly back at me. I might replace the gemstone eyes with comedy googly ones though, for my own entertainment.

  23. Cotton swabs up the urethra? Your first commenter here brought back too many painful memories. (squeezes legs together really tight)

  24. You can always buy a cheap TENS unit from Boots instead of that doubtless expensive gadget. I think the instructions euphemistically warn against such use but since when do thrill seekers take any notice of instructions?

  25. we have an expensive TENS unit at the gimcrack. I confess I have already misused it – only in the name of medical science of course 🙂

  26. Part of me is appalled. Part of me is curious. Right now, I’m not sure which is the bigger part.

  27. the bigger part is the erect part. but you already know that 🙂

  28. Hi! Tobymarx mentioned cock rings. Now, the times that I have come across them (no, I do not wear them) the wearer has been unable to remove the metal rings. After much delay, the member becomes extremely swollen and turns a shade of black and blue.

    Then its time to bring out a different type of tool and cut the ring away; to the extreme delight and extreme relief of the wearer.

    My tip is to go for the rubber ones, as they’re far easier to cut off.

    For your information, cock rings are not my cup of tea!

    Take Care,

  29. I bet you have a lot of good stories from working at that hospital 🙂

  30. For what it’s worth, I use leather with snaps. 😉

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