a guide to female ejaculation

recently nursemyra was reading about the sexual practices of the Batoro women in Uganda. Tradition dictates that the younger women are taught by village “aunties” to ejaculate. this custom is known as “kachapati” or “spray the wall”

nursemyra is not one of the “between 10 and 68% of” women who have experienced female ejaculation. wow – that is such a widely divergent figure. apparently this state of affairs can be remedied if I follow Jenny’s instructions.  at least they don’t seem quite as complicated as Caitlain’s who recommends you use one hand to penetrate your vagina and make a come hither movement against the g-spot while the other hand is simultaneously used to rub and stimulate the clitoris. even if i do manage to coordinate this manouevre I think my breasts are going to feel a little left out

(I wish I could credit this wonderfully appropriate image but I don’t know who the photographer was, only that it came from a very old movie magazine)

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  1. ….. and I thought goddesses were good at multi-tasking …… tsk

  2. Maybe it’s meant to be a team sport. Keep at at, nursemyra, I have faith you’ll figure it out.

  3. Oh Wow! That calendar page is only 5 months older than I am. Not that I have time to read blogs at the moment – I have now received my prize for the Limerick Competition. I think the Rozelle Markets were given a good work out 🙂 Thank you. The prize is perfect.

  4. A few women can do it very easily. I’ll send you a clip if you e-mail me.

  5. archie: you’re welcome xx

    gorilla bananas: a clip by someone other than jenny or caitlain?. ok, sending you an email now…..

  6. That’s a really fantastic image, the last one.

    It just so happened that I was wondering about female ejaculate in my comment on the Bonaparte post.


  7. Love both of the images on this post, nm.

    Based on my own experience, I would say that 10% is about right, but what the hell do I know? 🙂

  8. NurseMyra, your breasts would never stand for being ignored. They’ll need a babysitter while you are performing this experiment. How long is the flight from the U.S. to Australia?

    not all that long 🙂

  9. Yes, I do believe it is a team sport, or at least you need a helper or two with your breasts. Silverstar has done it, maybe once or twice. Not trying, just happened. Perhaps with practice? Would think that the 10% figure is most accurate, however. And if you are having fun otherwise, who cares? Silverstar has had a couple of male partners who couldn’t ejaculate, but that didn’t keep us from our fun. It’s like age, if you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter.

  10. Sure I read something recently that says it’s just pee. Lady’s bodily functions. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!

    oooohhh… them’s fighting words to the lucky ejaculatesses

  11. I think building flat pack furniture has easier instructions 🙂

  12. crikey!!!

    thanks for the link anon. I took it down because I felt it was a little pornographic (even for the gimcrack) but interested parties can probably find it for themselves by googling.

  13. tobymarx’s comment got me thinking. what do my male readers think -based on their own experiences- is the figure closer to 10% or 68%?

  14. Probably 10%. This maneuver sounds complicated, like lady parts are like some sort of crazy Chinese puzzle box, except with more screaming in ecstasy. And ejaculation.

    And remember, when reading a magazine naked, bring your umbrella and make sure your vulva has a good view of the words too.

  15. hey anon: I was a little hasty in deleting the video you sent – my mother occasionally reads my blog (Hi Mum!)

    can you send me the link again to rocky@geko.net.au

    for the record, readers, this version was not achievable alone and the technique used was something akin to whipping up a milkshake. at twice the normal speed.

  16. For the women I’ve had the pleasure to pleasure, about 15% could do this. I still hold high hopes on raising that number. I’ve a few videos as well, but question their validity…still fun watching, though.

  17. Hey! In 1944 my birthday was on a Tuesday! Of course, that was long before I was born though.

    What were we talking about?

  18. i found the G-Spot once. it was a club on the lower east side of des moines, iowa. if i remember correctly, the sidewalk out front was an absolute mess – so we kept walking…

  19. haha daisyfae 🙂

    if anyone is interested the video that “anon” sent me can be found on redtube #2325. can’t bring myself to put the link on here – nursemyra’s mother would definitely not approve

  20. I’m definitely not in the squirting percentile. That I know of. But I’m always willing to experiment.

  21. I suggest you go and have a look at the video at redtube then 🙂

  22. oh. my. Who is that guy? “The G-Spot Whisperer”?

  23. couldn’t resist looking huh?


  24. So, I take it this isn’t the kind of video one reviews at work then….

  25. not even remotely safe for work, unless you work in gynecology…

  26. Okay, female ejaculation, now you’re talking my language!

    Yes, I read the post above this first.

  27. Point taken. I will be furtive. And sneaky. Just the way things should be.

  28. oui oui!!

  29. Video? Where’s the link?

    No one tells me anything…

  30. I took the link down for the reasons stated above. you can find it on redtube. it’s number 2325…..

  31. Okay, I think i found it (you can’t search by number) –
    Is it the one with the dude helping things along?

    I saw a a lot of wetness, shaking and shivering, but not much squirting…

  32. yep that’s the one… a whole lotta shakin’ goin’ on

  33. “oui oui”

    Heh, heh, heh… she said “oui oui”…

  34. Oh yeah, I just watched it again. Very subtle squirting. You know, you really know how to heat things up on the internet, NM!


  35. no no I’m innocent. I took the link DOWN…..

  36. Nice try.

    You do just fine without links like that.


  37. Amateurs…

  38. really? LUCKY mrs beaverboosh

  39. Well, when are they ever going to show a female ejaculating on a man’s face? Guys do it to gals all the time in those vids. Either way, it’s a messy affair. 🙂

  40. so, lizza….. how much time do you spend watching “those vids” ?


  41. Whenever I’m lonely. ;D

  42. This website is very useful. It looks great.

  43. thanks.. very useful info.. I like your blog so much..

  44. hmmm,,,i mustt discuss this with my GF :p

  45. i’m having some trouble finding that, seeing as you can’t search by number. can someone be a little more clear about where the video is?

  46. i know i’m 4 months behind, but i’d love to see what the fuss is about. BTW the one i found is… not “subtle”

    • Redtube has taken that particular video down

  47. Interessante, mas é sobre o orgasmo feminino e não ejaculação.

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