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while researching magic spells, nursemyra uncovered Catherine Yronwode’s interesting site: In the African-American hoodoo tradition, as well as in Sicilian folk-magic, menstrual blood served to a man in his coffee or tea is a sovereign recipe for capturing his sexual attention. For women who are not menstruating, their best alternative is to use vaginal fluids gathered after masturbation during the full moon. Urine may also be used in coffee and tea love spells, as a quick substitute for menstrual blood.


 In hoodoo, and in polite Southern speech generally, urine is often called “chamber lye” or “water.” No matter what you call it, one of the oldest root work traditions is for a male gambler to have a female lover urinate on his mojo bag or lucky hand while he is at play. If the gambler and his partner can retire to an alley to perform the act while the game is in progress, so much the better.

Chamber lye can be a vulnerable spot in a man or woman’s periphery. An enemy who gets your “water” can cause grave damage to you by stopping it up in a bottle with red pepper and Graveyard Dirt. The result will be urinary tract problems, ranging from cystitis and nephritis to prostatitis and kidney stones. The only way to take off such a condition is to find the bottle and destroy it, letting the urine run out into a fire.

Conversely, chamber lye has its strengths — a man can use his own urination to cure a case of impotence that was put on him through magic. Peeing on a knife blade and letting the pee run on the ground is one of many methods for accomplishing this.

What can a man do if he suspects or knows that an unscrupulous woman is putting menstrual blood on him?

1) A doctor can perform a purification on the man — such as washing him in a bath of rue herb tea, smoking him with Uncrossing Incense, and then dressing him with Van Van Oil

2) If the man has been rendered impotent by the enemy woman, he can perform a specific spell of his own, such as drawing cross-marks on his penis for nine days or pissing into a red ants’ nest to restore his manhood.

if you must resort to drawing cross marks on your penis I recommend you use a whiteboard marker or the like rather than a chainsaw. the consequences will be a lot less dire.


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  1. Just milk and one sugar for me please ……

  2. What’s with all the urination fascination…

  3. And never, *ever* eat yellow snow!

  4. Oh dear, I think I may have used someone’s red pepper and graveyard dirt spell as a condiment at lunch.

  5. I have my coffee short, black and unsweetened, thank you.

  6. Don’t knock menstrual fluid if you haven’t tried it. Best served fresh from the source, however, and only if you are romantically involved with the woman in question.

    So, sue me. 🙂

  7. being half sicilian and half redneck, i need to modify the recipe perhaps. half a shot of menstrual blood, with half a shot of mountain dew…

  8. VooDoo doesn’t work. I paid a hooker $25 to urinate on my whole body, and all I got was an eye infection.

  9. Whew! Glad you just wrote this, nursemyra… that last safety tip about not using chainsaws? Timely. […hits ‘off’ switch…] Off to the white board markers!

  10. Nursemyra, I do believe you’re taking the piss 🙂

  11. She’s definitely a pisser! 😉

  12. I would bet carving cross-marks into a flaccid penis would be very difficult. Then again, if you could get an erection you wouldn’t need to be carving cross-marks into your penis in the first place. It’s a vicious circle. A vicious penis-carving, urine-soaked circle.

  13. ….. the most vicious type of circle of all

  14. I’ve heard of making a witch bottle by filling a jar with nails, broken glass, anything nasty, and of course, your own urine, then burying it at the corner of the house to protect it. And have used it to good effect at least once. Sort of like a dog pissing to mark your territory. Hmmmm, maybe that’s the significance of peeing on your partner.

  15. Nurse Myra, I think you may be interested in this.

    I really do like the “possibly related” feature on WordPress, although nothing ever turns up possibly related to my posts.

  16. Ooops, screwed the link up. Here you go. Linky

    you’re right silverstar – that’s a great article. definitely up nursemyra’s alley 🙂

  17. Had a lover once re Toby’s comment… I found it strange as I had never experienced it then or since but a;so found it interesting at the same time… if you get my drift!!

  18. Wow. Piss and menstrual blood. Um, pass, thanks.

    Hey, you forgot coprophagia in this post…that would have got my dog’s attention at least.

  19. Bloody hell. You’re definitely taking the piss. Aahahahaha! Oh my word this had me on the floor, shaking with laughter.

  20. hope you’ve been doing your kegels 🙂

  21. I usually take menstrual / urnine shots, straight up… but in coffee… hmmm

  22. hey beaverboosh – I’m still having trouble accessing your site. i keep getting an error message saying your blog does not exist 😦

  23. Hey girl, it was entered incorrectly on your comments page. I hate incorrect entries! If it persists, try to link from letters home.

  24. *phew*…. everything works now

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